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The Art of Asking...

and why crowdfunding is about more than cash.

Making your project grow

So you have a great idea... for a business, an event, a book, film or a performance... this is where it starts to bloom.

In three very simple steps, you can be fundraising in under an hour. Here's how...

First, you need to turn your idea into a story, one that's interesting, engaging, exciting. You're here to raise cash and support, so your story is important.

Next you need to think about the rewards you can offer.  You can be as creative and clever as you can to attract backers, but simple works too!

Then you need to tell people, share links, reach out across social media and make a noise about your project.


Follow these three simple steps to build and share your project and you can be confident we’ll help you every step of the way – let’s get started