Yumm Natural Body Essentials

by Nadine Stephenson

Natural skincare, handmade with passion. So good even Lorraine Kelly loves it!

Enterprise Crieff, United Kingdom
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Yumm… Naturally is an all natural skincare brand with products for every skin type. I need your help to grow my brand and take advantage of some really exciting opportunities to expand my business. From humble beginnings my business and my reputation have grown, my products are now being used by celebrities and salons want to sell them alongside global skincare brands. This is the start of an incredible journey, and I'd love you all to be a part of it.

I’m asking for £1000 funding for a filling machine to save me filling all the bottles by hand, and so free up more time for developing my skincare range and marketing my brand. The money would also be used to create waterproof labels to improve the overall package for customers. Any extra will go towards marketing my brand and spreading the word about our amazing Yumm products. I have a growing base of loyal customers but I want to take my business to the next level, and you can help me do that.

After achieving my Diplomas in Aromatherapy and Massage in 2009, I started dabbling in making my own natural skincare products and used them in my therapies. Customers, friends and family all loved my products and began asking for more – that’s when I realised my ‘hobby’ could become something bigger. I began expanding my product range and creating custom blended skincare, tailored to individual needs and I now have products suitable for a range of conditions from eczema to insomnia to congestion and stress! I introduced soap making in October 2010, and had my products certified by a Chartered Chemist. I was delighted when he reported back that my products were 'right up there' with the industry professionals, and it was that huge vote of confidence that pushed me forward. I received my certificates shortly after… and the roller coaster began!

After struggling to keep up with orders in my small kitchen at home I decided to take the plunge and open a shop in the tourist town of Crieff in February 2012. I am very pleased to say that my products are becoming a well loved brand, and have been compared to Neal’s Yard Remedies, not only because of their spa like qualities but because of their therapeutic and skin loving properties. Even celebrities like Lorraine Kelly love my products! Lorraine sent me a personal letter  to say –

“Thanks so much for the Yumm products. They are wonderful! Good luck.”

I am also finding that a lot of people are switching from their well-known (and more expensive!) brands and I am thrilled that people are realising that it doesn’t have to cost the earth to have beautiful skin. Two salons have approached me to use Yumm instead of the professional brands they normally stock, as customers are looking for quality affordable skincare, which I provide with my handmade products.

I need your promises and support to achieve £1000 funding which I will use to develop my brand and allow more customers to find my handmade skincare products!


Nadine. X

*Winter Gift Bag Full Details

  • Includes Juniperberry, Pine & Bergamot body lotion that melts easily into the skin
  • Rich moisturising hand cream that will keep your hands protected
  • Lovely peppermint lipbalm made with skin loving mango & shea butter
  • Winter Celebrations Mango body butter with cinnamon, benzoin & orange.
  • Delightful little snowflake soap with lemon, juniperberry, eucalyptus & bergamot
  • All wrapped up in a gorgeous little jute bag and Christmas wrap.

**Large Gift Bag Full Details

  • Yumm shampoo with lavender, teatree & geranium, great for dry/oily and dandruff hair
  • Calming Dead Sea & Epsom bath salts with lavender, orange, clary sage, vertivert & ylang ylang - perfect for soaking away the troubles at the end of the day
  • Lovely peppermint lipbalm made with skin loving mango & shea butter.
  • Rich moisturising hand cream that will keep your hands protected, soft and moisturised with Benzoin, Palmarosa & orange peppermint potion! Amazing product for dry, oily and itchy skin.
  • Geranium & Orange body lotion that melts easily into the skin
  • An invigorating soap with grapefruit, lime & orange
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