Hamish McHamish of St Andrews

by Flora Selwyn

Help this celebrity cat rise to fame with the distinguished bronze statue he deserves.

Community St Andrews, United Kingdom
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They say Hamish belongs to St Andrews but really we all know that St Andrews belongs to Hamish. With his big green eyes, shaggy ginger coat and fluffy white mane, it's obvious from the outset that Hamish is no ordinary cat.

We want to give the King of St Andrews pride of place within his community, in the form of a life-size bronze statue. To create this masterpiece we need to raise £5000 and with any extra funds we would like to add a bronze plinth. Our statue is a way of saying thank you to Hamish for being so purrfectly adorable and to celebrate him and the joy he brings us. A famous local sculptor has even already agreed to come on board to make this possible.

Hamish McHamish has roamed free around the heart of St Andrews for the last 14 years and is adored by locals, students and tourists from all over the world. He has earned an almost celebrity-like status in our community and has over 4000 Facebook friends. He now even has his own bestselling book, that features real-life photos of him on his travels around our seaside town and reveals just why so many people adore him.

He is a wonderfully intelligent feline who uses zebra crossings, visits his favourite shops and has friends throughout the town. He roams wherever he pleases, sleeping and eating whenever he can. He has his own seat in lots of the shops and offices around town, likes to visit different houses to curl up and have a cosy snooze and he even enjoys the occasional University lecture!

It all started in early kittenhood when Hamish decided that his owner's house and garden were far too small for his wandering ways and he left home to explore the world. Since then, Hamish hasn't been back and instead, relies wholeheartedly on the generosity of the human spirit to get by. By creating this statue we want to tell the world just how fabulous and unique Hamish is and make sure his story is enjoyed for generations to come.

Thank you for reading about our famous feline. Please promise whatever you can, we appreciate every bit of support. Hamish is no ordinary cat; he deserves to be celebrated in style with his own statue!

Hamish McHamish - we salute you!

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