Crowdfunding and Other Animals

by Barry James

How to raise funding for entrepreneurs, businesses and other ventures

Publishing Sheffield, United Kingdom
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We love the power of the crowd so much, we’re crowdfunding a book about crowdfunding.

We need £2,500 to curate, write, design and distribute our eBook – Crowdfunding and Other Animals – a comprehensive “How to” guide to raising funding for startups, businesses, charities and social enterprises.

So why do we need to write and share this book with the crowd? Well, the world has changed. Once upon a time accessing finance was simple. It wasn't easy, but it was simple. If you had an idea or wanted to start a business you went to see the bank manager. He (back then) decided whether he thought your plan stacked up or not. You either got funded or you didn't.

But then it started to become more complicated, increasingly it became about filling in lengthy forms, writing detailed business plans with three year financial projections and .... waiting. Then came the crash and these days - with monotonous regularity - 'THE COMPUTER SAYS NO'. It has never been more difficult to secure startup or growth funding.

So what's an entrepreneur to do? Or a business owner wanting to expand or take on more staff?

Enter Crowdfunding and Alternative Finance. Crowdfunding has taken off like a rocket. Little wonder. Not only does it open up a whole world of new opportunities (including the capability to start a business without debt, without selling shares and even with a full order book) but it gives entrepreneurs and business people the opportunity to take back the reins from the passive banks that seem to be blocking the path for the real economy.

It's neither simple nor easy. It's time consuming and requires thought, planning, effort and creativity. But it is exciting and it is entrepreneurial.

This book will provide a comprehensive guide to this unfamiliar new crowdfunding landscape by explaining and exploring:

  • What is crowdfunding and how can I use it?
  • What other kinds of alternative and innovative finance might work for you?
  • The skills you will need  - and how you can acquire them.
  • Where you can find help and support.

We'd love you to be part of our crowdfunding journey; we're offering copies of our book – even company or crowdfunding platform branded books – in return for your support.

Thank you.

The team at The Crowdfunding Centre / The Social Foundation.

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