Crowdfunding books for new community class

by Don MacKeen

Books needed for a free class to stimulate alternative ideas!

Education Glasgow, United Kingdom
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I'm a lecturer at City of Glasgow College and will be holding a free class in a community centre in Glasgow.  I am looking to crowdfund money to buy the books needed for the class. I think that an informal atmosphere creates the best possible learning environment.  

This class will be using the provocative new book "The Communist Horizon" and will give students an opportunity to discuss and debate alternatives to capitalism and engage with new ideas. A class set of 10 books is needed for the class to go ahead - that's all!

Jodi Dean's book has been described as a "manifesto for a new collective politics."  Dean argues that the politics of the Occupy movement needs to move beyond spontaneity and organise into a political party capable of creating revolution.

Using politics, philiosphy, psychoanalysis, "The Communist Horizon" is both challenging and accessible. 

The class will be an opportunity for students to discuss alternative ideas in a low-key setting.  There will be no assessments or fees.  Education should be about learning, gaining knowledge towards understanding. And so the plan will be for students who are interested in creating change to take part in a study of this book.  We will read through the book as a group, stopping regularly to make sure everyone has a chance to question, debate, understand and reflect on what this book is saying.  The prospective students will be members of the public who aren't necessarily used to reading this sort of book, and the aim will be to raise their confidence in their own abilities to understand and make sense of challenging subject matter.

From this I hope you can see why this is important , thank you for your donation.