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by Ali Campbell

Help us to produce the first batch of Weathered Cyclist charity tartan by pledging to our Founder Member's Fund.

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Weathered Cyclist is a tartan. But it's better than that; Weathered Cyclist is a charity tartan.

We want to raise £2500 to get the first ever run of Weathered Cyclist tartan produced. So we need your help. 

We believe that we are at the beginning of unique (ad)venture and it would be amazing if you could be a part of it.

All profits from every metre sold of this fine 100% wool fabric help us to fund bike-based projects across the country; be it a children's bike swap project, a community group trying to encourage cycling, or another charity that feels that their participants would benefit.

We believe that the simple act of riding a bike is a therapy in itself. We believe that riding a bike is a liberation in itself. We want like-minded people who enjoy their bikes to be able to share with those who, for whatever reason, don’t find it so easy to take to two wheels.

It is widely reported that a Scotsman, Kirkpatrick MacMillan, invented the first two-wheeled, self-propelled vehicle, i.e the bicycle. John Boyd Dunlop, another Scotsman, invented the pneumatic tyre that makes our ride so much more comfortable than it could be. Therefore, it is only right that bikes and cycling should be celebrated with their own tartan.

Weathered Cyclist is the cycling tartan. The design was originally created for the first ever Tartan Ride, that took place on St Andrew’s Night 2012. We feel that the tartan can be a great way to raise money through sales of the fabric itself, through a well-considered range of merchandise and through more unique events like the Tartan Ride.

Please help us fund it.

Your pledge will show up straight away, but the money will only be collected if the project is successful, so we need to reach our target in order to get the funding. Anything over our target of £2500 will be reinvested into our merchandise range to make Weathered Cyclist as self-sufficient and as effective as it could possibly be.

Thank you!

"Whoever invented the bicycle deserves the thanks of humanity." ~  Lord Charles Beresford

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Promised of our £2,500 target


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This project will close on Saturday Sep 7th, 13:00
Promise £1.00 + The Penny Farthing

Your name, linked to a site of your choice, on the Founder Members' page on

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Promise £10.00 + The Starley's Rover

Well give you a letterpress Founder Member's certificate with a piece of the first ever run of Weathered Cyclist tartan as well as featuring your name, linked to a site of your choice, on the Founder Members' page on

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Oh you're speeding along now! Up the momentum with our limited edition lapel badge, a letterpress certificate, and of course, your name, linked to a site of your choice, on the Founder Members' page on

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Every modern dandy likes to look good. Look swell in a Founder Member's organic cotton tee-shirt and limited edition lapel badge. Naturally there is the letterpress certificate and your name, linked to a site of your choice, on the Founder Members' page on to boot!

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Promise £750.00 + The Full Diamond

We would like to offer one person the opportunity to have the first ever kilt, made from the first ever batch of Weathered Cyclist tartan. Your kilt will be tailor-made to your exact measurements by Slanj and will be suitably labelled, acknowledging that you are the first, and we'll include your name as well. Oh, and you get all the other stuff too.

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