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by Natalie Morrison

We are PJEA students who believe that pants can make poverty history - but we need your help. Let's shout Pants To Poverty!

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We are a team of students from Stow College who have been set a challenge by Pants To Poverty to raise as much money as we can by selling our fairtrade items. (We are the only Scottish team!)

Our social enterprise supports government run farmer schools, farmers and factory workers in India who produce both the fairtrade cotton, and our pants, pjs, vests etc.

We can’t do this without you! Please take a look at our rewards, make a promise and in return we will send you one of our 95% fairtrade & organic cotton, 5% elastin products.

The target for the challenge is to raise/sell £5000 worth of stock. We are also approaching businesses in the hope of bulk orders to help us reach our target and our crowdfund will play a huge part in it too. Every penny really does count!

So what do we students get out of it? Well, not only do we get to spread the fairtrade message and help communities across the globe but we get to put our last 8 months of learning into practise; we have produced a video, written a business plan and developed a sales and marketing campaign, all in our own time. By taking part in the Pantreprenuer challenge, we have the chance to win at trip to India to meet the communities that we are helping. Amazing, we know!

If you want to help us but want to go that extra fairtrade mile we can donate your item, whether its pants or pjs, to another worthy charity which take pants and other items over to Africa every year. You can help two causes at once!

Everyone who makes a promise will be kept up to date with our progress.

Big thank you for your help and support!

Team "KEEP IT IN..." Natalie Morrison, Tony Mitchell, Lana Britschenko and Sergin Sanneh.

(Please note all photos are official Pants to Poverty photos and reflect the items we have on sale. As you will appreciate, we can’t list everything, so a photo of your reward will be sent to you so that you can choose a colour, size etc.)




Promised of our £600 target


Days left

This project will close on Sunday May 12th, 19:00
Promise £5.00 + Social High 5!

If you give us a fiver we will give you a shout out on the "keep it in..." Twitter and Facebook accounts and you'll get an RT from the whole team!

100 rewards, 100 remaining
Promise £15.00 + A wee pair of...

For 15 quid you can choose from a range of pants for you or your loved one! Our pants come in all shapes and sizes :) Mens: trunks,fly fronts Ladies: thongs, panties and Moulin Ruche. Or we can donate your pants to another charity, and you get to help two great causes at once!

80 rewards, 80 remaining
Promise £20.00 + See...my...vest...

Make a promise and choose a Pants to Poverty vest. This is no ordinary vest... its a luxurious fairtrade cotton vest! (said in a Marks and Spencer style voice over) Ladies: vintage vests in coral, polka-dot etc. Mens: vintage RIB and stripe vests.

30 rewards, 30 remaining
Promise £25.00 + For the fairtrade connoisseur...

Choose a pair of sexy woven ladies or mens boxers. The woven collection is brand new to Pants To Poverty! Own it, wear it, love it!

15 rewards, 13 remaining
Promise £30.00 + Eco-double act

For a £30 promise we will send you an eco-chic double act of your choice of pants and a vest! Then you can really prance around in your underwear! (available in a choice of ladies or mens)

10 rewards, 9 remaining
Promise £40.00 + Fair-trade pyjama-man

You can choose from a ladies or mens set, which includes a vest and pj bottoms. Perfect for lounging about!

10 rewards, 10 remaining
Promise £50.00 + The PJEA Team

Did we mention we are PJEA students? You can have our team for 1 1/2 hours to support your business or project. Do you need a PR team quick? Want an innovative injection? Or is your office just a mess?! If you have a problem - if no one else can help - and if you can find them - maybe you can hire: The PJEA-Team.

15 rewards, 13 remaining
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