Wake Up Call

by Kevin Pickering

A short drama, based in the Edinburgh underworld.

Film Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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"Wake Up Call" is a character driven short crime film, based in the Edinburgh underworld. It follows the characters of Mr Fraser, an ageing gangster and Duncan, an up and coming criminal, and what happens when their paths cross. It is an observation of modern violent culture and the mindless brutality that surrounds it.

I want to treat the subject matter with respect, being honest and not glamourising a criminal lifestyle. We are planning to shoot at the beginning of April 2012. We will not need a huge amount of money, but I do plan to raise some so I can take the film to the level it deserves and do justice to the idea.

This is a very important and exciting project for me, "Wake Up Call" is a loose sequel to my very first short film "Wake Me Up, 2002". Since it is coming up for the ten year anniversary, I wanted to re-visit some old characters to see where they are now, ten years later and how they've grown (or not).

I am currently a student at Edinburgh College of Arts, I am using my time at the moment to make the very best short films I can and Wake Up Call is by far my most ambitious project to date. I plan with the right funding to reach the widest audience I can with this film. All of the money will be used for the production, costs would include cast expenses, make up/effects, costumes, catering, music rights, transport, locations, equipment hire and festival entry fees.

For those who make a contribution to the fund I would like to offer them a credit in the film, a copy of the finished project and an invite to the premiere screening.

Thank you for your interest. If you would like any more information on "Wake Up Call" get in touch at kev.d.pickering@hotmail.co.uk.

Thanks for your help!

Kevin Pickering