Time Travel Action Short

by Charlie Parker

A short action film with elements of time travel.

Film Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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We are raising funding to pay for transport and catering for our short film.

The Project

Time is tight for us to finish our film but funding is even tighter. So far we are holding our ground but it is going to be incredibly difficult, so I am trying to find help with the financial side of the project.

We have got our location, the best upkept ex-military base in UK (located in Fife, Scotland). And Fife Wargames, the Fife -based airsoft team, will be assisting us as far as characters and equipment go.

However, I cannot pay anybody and I cannot feed anybody. I must hire a van to drive the crew to the location as we are all Edinburgh based, which is 3 hours of expensive public transport away. The more funding I can muster, the more I can cater for everyone who is giving me their time and effort!

If our crowdfund reaches target in 30 days time, I'll use the money to recover costs to the team and pay for a screening, to which all contributors will be invited as Executive Producers.

The Plot

Can you repeat that? An adult Bernard's Watch!

I have always questioned what would happen if a fiction character stayed loyal to its audience, rather than the other way around. What if, for example, Pokemon matured at the same rate as the children that were originally embraced by their mutual fascination for the franchise?  Just consider, Ash Ketchum, now well into his 20s, just finished his 6th relationship and lost his first Pokemon.

I took this concept to another children's show, now finished (to my knowledge). A little guy called Bernard, who had a watch that could control  time. Those who are in their early 20s / late teens will know the person to whom I am referring. Imagine if he were real? Where would he be now? With maturity would he learn to fear the relic on his wrist or would he become zealous for power? Would he use it to better "cheat the system" like David Rice in the movie Jumper? Or would he become burdened with a sense of responsibility and preservation?

Maybe, just maybe, he would take his powers to serve what is considered "good natured". Maybe he would join the military. I focused on this possibility and wrote a short film based on the concept. Sergeant Bernard Beasley leads his squad of specialists on a covert-operation. As cheesy as it sounds, wait for it, the mission goes awry, and one of Bernard's closest adversaries is shot dead. Bernard takes the responsibility of reversing time and saving his adversary. However, as the butterfly effect blows a big ol' hurricane through Beasley's plan, another is killed because of his new actions. But how many times must he repeat the process before he can single-handedly "fix" the situation? 

Thank you for reading about my project, and thank you in advance for your generous support. We look forward to adding some of you as executive producers to the film and meeting others at the filming.

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Promised of our £200 target


Days left

This project will close on Thursday Oct 18th, 23:00
Promise £5.00 + Executive Producer Credit

You will of course receive a producer credit. This will be featured up on the big black and white, on YouTube and potentially at one of Scotland's film festivals.

29 rewards, 28 remaining
Promise £15.00 + DVD

You will be treated to a DVD of the released film, which may contain a few little extras to keep you entertained, and an Executive Producer credit.

16 rewards, 11 remaining
Promise £30.00 + Website credit

We will credit you on our Facebook and our Website as "Noble, Noble men and women" (with photographs). Executive Producer credit and DVD included.

10 rewards, 10 remaining
Promise £100.00 + Broken Blonde Favour

A very valuable reward for a very valuable contribution. Within reason you can ask of broken blonde for a free service. This can range from free headshots for you r website, portfolio or even your Facebook! To a free photoshop design for your project, website, business...whatever it may be. We are a fairly busy team, so keep the job simple and we will do it. Free of cost. You will also receive all the other rewards as part of our thank you; Executive Producer credit, DVD and website credit.

2 rewards, 2 remaining
Promise £150.00 + Back-stage pass

We will humbly invite you to join us on the set of the production. You will be able to come up in the van to the airsoft field, we will give you some photographs on set and let you "clap" the opening scene. If you are unavailable for that, your backstage pass will be redeemable on any one of our future productions. You will also receive all the other rewards as part of our thank you; Executive Producer credit, DVD, website credit and the Broken Blonde favour.

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