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by Owen O'Leary

Like a friend in a foreign city. Based around interviews with locals & beautifully designed, the book captures the essence of the city.

Publishing Glasgow, United Kingdom
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Get me outta here!

That's the reality of city breaks for millions of people who return home every weekend underwhelmed, not having made the most of their trip. And it's not for the want of trying - but today, traditional guidebooks read like bland directories, TripAdvisor has too many conflicting opinions and trying to find the information you are looking for in the hundreds of travel blogs out there is a near impossible task.

If only they had a local hook up to guarantee the best possible travel experiences!?

Now they do.


That's why The Locals' Guide is different. Based around interviews with locals passionate about the city they live in and beautifully designed, the book captures the essence of the city. Our first title The Locals' Guide to Edinburgh, was described as a revolution in travel publishing' and was recently featured in The Guardian's Top Ten UK Guidebooks. 

The idea for The Locals' Guide came about when two friends got chatting over drinks about their best travel experiences. A few drinks and some great stories later, we realised that the best trips were where we had friends to show us around and take us to all the great places. It meant you were guaranteed a good time no matter where you were, because when you saw a city through the eyes of a local, you saw things in vibrant technicolour as opposed to tourist trail black and white. The more we thought about it, the more we wanted to recreate that feeling for everybody. Looking at the guidebooks available, there was nothing that captured the look and feel of a city and the friendliness of the people living there.


Following the success of our first title, we wanted to begin that adventure all over again in Glasgow. We were so desperate to get under the skin of the city, we set up a team of editors, writers, designers, illustrators and photographers to capture the best Glasgow has to offer. The end result is a labour of love by people who know how special Glasgow is and want to share those experiences with you.


The Locals' Guide to Glasgow has been a long time in the making, the team has changed and a co-founder has moved on to pastures new. What has kept this project alive has been the passion of the people who have contributed their time, tips and energy to the project and the belief that every visitor deserves to see the Glasgow we have discovered in the making of this book.


In a determined push for the finish line we have completed the guide but we still have to find the funds to foot the printing costs. We tantalisingly close to creating a beautiful city guide like no other and any funds gifted, no matter how small, will be really appreciated.


By supporting this project you are helping thousands of visitors to Glasgow have the richer, fuller travel experiences they deserve. 




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Promise £5.00 + Get yer tips oot!

Cheers for your support! As a thank you we'll give you a shout out on Twitter and Facebook and email you one of the many precious tips in the guide.

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Thanks! Our gratitude will be winging its way to you on a limited edition Locals' Guide to Glasgow postcard. On the back we'll include some Glaswegian words and phrases for you to use wherever you are. Of course you'll receive an insider locals' tip and our social media shout out too.

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Promise £20.00 + Pre release copy of The Locals' Guide to Glasgow

It's what we've all been waiting for and thanks to your support it's here. The Locals' Guide to Glasgow is the insider guide to best of Glasgow presented in a rich visual style to connect with the heart as well as the head. Meet our 'local legends', follow the vintage trail, explore some Off the Beaten Attractions and get under the skin of one of the world's greatest cities. We can''t wait to send it to you! Of course we'll also be sending our limited edition postcard with Glaswegian words and phrases, a bonus insider tip and our social media shout outs!

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Promise £50.00 + A taste of Glasgow and then some...

Nothing whets the appetite for a city than its local foodstuffs and we've managed to cram Glasgow's finest (and some surprises) into a Flavour Box like no other. From world famous teacakes to award winning beverages, our taste of Glasgow will have you licking your lips at the thought of this city's edible treats. The ultimate reading accompaniment The Locals' Guide to Glasgow will be included also, as will our limited edition postcard and social media appreciation broadcasts. Thanks a million!

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Dress to impress with our striking Locals' Guide to Glasgow T - Shirt. Featuring illustrator Eva Dolgyra's stunning cover design, this T-shirt will have you turning heads quicker than you can say 'Ahcumfaegovanbytheway!' That''s not all of course, you'll get to tuck in to tasty Glasgow treats, read the Locals' Guide before it hits the shops, pimp up your fridge with a Locals' Guide postcard, and feel love from our social media shout outs. Thanks!

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Promise £120.00 + Glasgow landmark illustration prints by Essi Kimpimaki

We love Essi's work and we're thrilled that she agreed to contribute to the guide. These prints were one of the reasons we spotted her talent and were originally commissioned by Boxwood in the West End who asked Glasgow based artists to reinterpret the Glasgow Coat of Arms. Essi side stepped the original brief and the result are these stunning prints encompassing a range of Glasgow landmarks. Lucky print purchasers will also receive a copy of The Locals' Guide to Glasgow and our eternal online and offline gratitude.

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Promise £250.00 + A night on the randan

One of the juicier phrases we borrowed from Michael Munrro's The Complete Patter, a night on the randan is a night to be remembered in Glasgow. We can't foot the entire booze bill but we'd love to take you and a pal on a night out in the city showing off our favourite places and meeting some locals along the way. Books and T-shirts are included as well as some other bonus booty! Thanks again!

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Oh yes, we all need a release sometimes... A break in the world of publicity. Well the best breaks come to those with the best press releases and as writer of hundreds of puntastic headline grabbers, you / your business / event / whatever will benefit from Locals' Guide editor writing an distributing a press release on your behalf. The best of of the Press Release backcataloug have secured everything from TV new slots to double page spreads in the national news. Could this release do the same for you?

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Promise £2,000.00 + Oh Really Creative Publicity Package

The Locals' Guide editor Owen O'Leary is busy publicising when he's not publishing! With over 10 years experience in PR and marketing Owen has worked on some of the most exciting projects in Scotland whether it''s the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Rab C Nesbitt, The Scottish Poetry Library or Amateur Boxing Scotland, Owen puts together successful creative campaigns. If you''d like to launch, publicise or market something Oh Really special then this is the package for you.

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