The Eyes and Ears of Van Gogh (short film)

by Erica Von Stein

An experimental art film about the life of artist Van Gogh as a young man and how he deals with grief, pressure and mental illness.

Film Glasgow, United Kingdom
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The Eyes and Ears of Van Gogh is an experimental art film about the life of artist Van Gogh. It explores the life of Van Gogh as a young man and how he deals with grief, pressure and mental illness.

What Is this film about?
"The Eyes and Ears of Van Gogh" is a fictional short about the artist Van Gogh as a young man. After the tragic death of his fiancee, he suffers mental illness and finds it difficult to cope. One night, when he is on the verge of ending it all, he is visited by the ghost of his fiancee, his "muse", but can she really save him?

Who does the film star?
We are currently in talks with some very established actors from television and film and we will be casting some new talent from around the UK, also. When casting is confirmed we will announce all actors involved in this project.

Why are you crowdfunding?
We have been planning this project for some time and have already raised £3000 of the budget alone, which is great. We are on the last step of the process and just need a little bit of help to push the project in the right direction. We are striving to have a budget big enough to pay all of our cast members, feed our cast, secure locations, costumes and make everything the best it possibly can be. 

Why do you want to make this film?
The purpose of this film is to raise awareness for mental illness and suicide. The goal is to complete this film by summer 2013 to be screened at festivals and mental health awareness events across the UK. This idea is something really different and is going to be uplifting and refreshing. The purpose of the film is to show the overcoming of mental illness, it will provide support and hope for those experiencing similar. 

What will I get from funding?
We will be offering various perks. ALL backers (no matter how small your donation) will be credited on this film. We appreciate all levels of support and want you to be acknowledged for this. However there will also be signed props from the cast/shoot, opportunities to appear in the film, visits on set, an invite to the exclusive screening and MORE!

Who are you/what have you previously done?
I am an independant filmmaker in Glasgow working with a team of highly skilled graduates from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Collaboratively we have created award winning short films, television series and feature films. 

I (Erica Von Stein) am also a published novelist and poet and have won awards for creative writing. I create experimental film for festivals, and separate projects online which can be viewed on my YouTube channel. I have had great success with crowdfunding in the past and hope that I can achieve the same again with this project, especially for those who have suffered any illness similar to the explorations in the film. 

I don't have money, can I still help?
Of course! By spreading the word you can do us the world of help, post it on your Gacebook, Twitter, YouTube, everything! Any help is appreciated and again, no donation is too small. If you have 1p - we are still 1p closer to having this film created. 

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