The Breadcrumb Trail

by Michael Wright

A new internet talk show speaking to artists, journalists, musicians and writers. Two cameras, one presenter, one great conversation. We're funding it this way so there's no need for ads.

Film London, United Kingdom
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I don’t want to watch Jonathan Ross leering over a starlet or see David Letterman shuffle through his paces anymore. I want to make a show that’s about speaking to interesting people about interesting things with no other agenda beyond that. So I’m going to. It’s called The Breadcrumb Trail. 

We’ll film the first series of 6 episodes in London in late-August 2012 and release them free, once-a-week via Vimeo, YouTube and iTunes. To fund the show I’m looking for £2.5k in crowd funding. If we can get 63 people to put in £40 we’ll have cracked it. I’ll fund the extra cash required to get the production sorted. 

We need money because we want to make it properly polished. That means a camera operator, a sound technician, a director and an editor. I’ll be writing the scripts and presenting it too. 

Guests on our wish list include journalist Suzanne Moore and musician Liam Frost. We’re also going to approach Caitlin Moran, Laurie Penny, Alan Moore, Toby Young and some surprise inclusions too. If you have a suggestion for a guest, join the producers by backing the project and you can join the secret production group where your ideas will be part of the mixing pot. 

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