Stirling Fringe Festival


A new non-profit arts festival in Stirling (September 12-15, 2013)

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35 events • 13 venues • 4 days • 1 new arts festival in the heart of Scotland

The Stirling Fringe Festival is a new festival of the arts in the heart of Scotland. Taking place for the very first time this September 12- 15, the aim of the non-profit festival is to encourage both locals and visitors to engage with all aspects of the arts - whether it's theare, comedy, live music, art exhibitions, street performances or children's show.

Stirling Fringe Festival is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company run entirely by a small team of unpaid volunteers who have given up their time to make this festival a success and put Stirling on the Scottish and UK cultural map.

As a social enterprise we want to make the arts as accessible to as many people as possible, which means we've kept ticket prices to an absolute minimum.

Unlike many similar events across the country, we have no corporate sponsorship and no major public funding behind us. We are really going out on a financial limb because we believe Stirling deserves a festival for the whole community and will make a significant contribution to the cultural landscape.

BUT... you don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand that staging an event like this is extremely expensive. Our only source of income throughout the festival will be ticket sales. If we don't sell enough tickets to break even, the organisers will be personally liable.

That's where YOU come in. We desperately need support to cover a range of costs, including venue hire, equipment hire and marketing costs. The amount we're asking for is a tiny fraction of the overall festival costs but would make a HUGE difference.

Remember, every penny we make gets ploughed straight back in to growing the festival in the future.

The four day festival will also feature children’s shows, poetry, spoken word performances, a mini beer festival and a spectacular Fringe ceilidh.

Highlights include appearances by comedians Des Clarke, Raymond Mearns, Stu Who and Father Ted star Michael Redmond. There is also a live performance of Vivaldi’s Four Season, a concert by the Stirling Gaelic Choir and a special acoustic show from Pete Townshend’s little brother and fellow Who guitarist, Simon Townshend.

Founder and director of the Stirling Fringe Festival CIC, Barry McDonald, said: “We hope to put Stirling as much on Scotland’s cultural and artistic map as it is on the historical map.

Stirling’s creative community is growing and we hope to showcase to the rest of the country what a rich seam of artistic talent we have, as well as attracting some of the most talented performers from across the UK and beyond.

Plans for the 2014 festival are already being made and we hope to grow on the success of this year’s festival.”

Thank you. 

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If you're willing to donate such an amount, let's talk. Of course, we'll give you all of the above, including four free tickets to every Stirling Fringe Festival in the future. That's right, you'll never have to pay for any of our events ever again. Also, if you run a business, let's talk about opportunities for you to advertise and promote your business at any of our events.

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