Smackdown Syndrome

by Mark Flynn

Two man show, wrestling with relationships, full of heart, comical, witty, physical.

Performance Winchester, United Kingdom
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One awkward teen, with a massive dream. Longing to step in the ring and become professional wrestler … he doesn’t stand a chance.

Written, directed and starring students from the University of Winchester, Smackdown Syndrome is a comical story following the seemingly unachievable dream of Thomas Throttle. Thomas eventually comes to the conclusion that his worst opponent in the wrestling match of a lifetime isn’t his unsupportive father, it isn’t his offensive friends … it’s himself.

I wrote Smackdown Syndrome based on some personal reflections; I'm a drama student with ambitious dreams that I know are pretty impossible to achieve - that's what the show represents. I think everyone in the world can relate to that. The feeling that sometimes the entire world can feel stacked against you, and without friends and family support, what hope would you feel you actually have?

We aim for the show to last around one hour and will hopefully stage it in November 2013.

BUT - in order to get the show a venue, we need help from you all, please help us by donating and sharing this page.

We aim to use the funds donated to book a performance space. If we are lucky enough to raise more money than our goal it will go towards better props, costumes, advertising and anything else that can make the show more memorable. If the show is a success we are very keen to take it to the Endinburgh Fringe, so remaining funds could go towards getting that started, though we will definitely be focusing on the debut performance first.

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Promised of our £250 target


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This project will close on Thursday Oct 17th, 10:27
Promise £5.00 + Personal Email to say Thank you.

A personalized email and digital photo of the Smackdown Syndrome cast thanking you for your donation.

48 rewards, 46 remaining
Promise £15.00 + Digital Video Copy of the Performance.

A downloadable digital recording of the show (This will be a recording of a very polished dress rehearsal or the show as it is performed on performance night). You will also receive a personalized email and digital photo of the cast thanking you for your donation.

14 rewards, 7 remaining
Promise £25.00 + Poster Set

A signed Smackdown Syndrome Wall Poster, a downloadable digital recording of the show, a personalized email and digital photo of the cast thanking you for your donation.

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Promise £40.00 + Be IN the show!

Be part of the show! We will send you a line for you (room for improvisation also) to record yourself and send back to us (this can be by webcam, smart phone or video camera) and we will feature it in one of the video projections that takes place in the show! You will also receive all of the other rewards outlined in the rewards scheme.

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Promise £60.00 + You are the Producer! Credited.

You will be thanked for your donation and will be listed in the show programme, on the website etc. as producer, you will also reserve a slot in the programme for any kind of advertisement you see fit (within reason of course). You will also receive all of the other Rewards outlined in the rewards scheme

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