One Year Later - A supernatural rom-com!

by Fraser Coull

A short film about love, relationships and how far siblings will go to look after you, even after they are dead!

Film Glasgow, United Kingdom
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What is "One Year Later" about?

"One Year Later" is the new short film from Creative Talent Connections, telling the story of David's quest to pull off the perfect proposal to Katy, with help from his older brother... who just happens to be dead!

On this page we've put up links to some of our previous short films and the trailer for "Bloodline", our supernatural drama series which we successfully crowd-funded the pilot for.

Who is in it? Do I know them from anything?

At the moment we are approaching well known actors from TV and film, and due to the nature of the industry we can't say who they are! We are also going to be casting upcoming talent from around the UK (and maybe the world!) to be a part of this story.

We can confirm that actor Simon Weir, whose credits include River City, Highroad, The Acid House, Spanking in Paradise and How Not To Live Your Life has joined the film playing the doctor.

We are very happy to announce that "Skins" star April Pearson has joined our short film One Year Later playing Katy!

April has appeared in series 1 and 2 of "Skins" as Michelle Richardson, teen horror film "Tormented" and several episode of long-running BBC medical drama "Casualty".

We are thrilled that April has decided to join our short film and we can't wait to film in Spring this year.

Over the coming months we will be announcing the rest of our cast, crew and updating you with the progress of the film.

So why are you crowd-funding?

Our team successfully crowd-funded the pilot for our supernatural TV show, "Bloodline" last year, allowing us to pay for props, expenses, etc. For this project we want to raise enough money to pay everybody who works on the film. We are all trained professionals and we would like them to get paid for working on the project. All money raised goes towards the film, for the cast and crew, locations, props, costumes, makeup, etc. 

Why do you want to make this film?

We want to tell a funny story that people can connect with, with real characters in a surreal situation. While we enjoy dramatic films, we feel that there's already plenty of them out there, so we want to do something different.

Hopefully with “One Year Later…” everybody will be able to relate to it on some level, mostly with the relationship between the two siblings, and how important family can be. I think a lot of people worry that when they start seeing someone and become settled down that you can lose a connection with your family or other friends, but relationships evolve and adapt and as long as you make an effort you will be able to keep your friendships and your relationship with your partner.

What will you do with the film when it's finished?

The goal is to shoot the film in 2 days in the Spring of 2013 and have it completed in the Summer in time to enter it into film festivals around the UK and possibly world wide with the hope to showcase the work of the upcoming talent of the cast and crew, raising awareness of the independent Scottish and UK film industry and hopefully encouraging more films to come to Scotland, promoting our resources, crew and actors. 

What do I get out of it?

We've got some excellent perks including a thank you on our Facebook page and end credits, a copy of the DVD signed by the cast and crew, signed scripts from production, signed postcards from the film, updates on the project, an invite to the cast and crew screening, an invite to our wrap party where you can meet the cast and crew, set visits, a chance to be in the film and more! 

And what have you done before?

Collectively we've all made short films, feature films, web series, and a pilot for a TV series. We're all freelancers working in the TV and film industry trying to raise our profiles to allow us to continue working in Scotland.

The writer/director Fraser studied HND television operations and productions in James Watt College after training on the E-Force programme in BBC Scotland. After leaving college he started his own independent production company, Silly Wee Films. From there he has written, directed and produced 13 episodes of an internet superhero series and spin-off feature film, “Night is Day”, featuring Elaine C Smith, Simon Weir and Colin McCredie. He has also written and directed several short films and a pilot for a supernatural TV series.

Producer Claire Mcguire studied Film and Theatre at College Claire went on to be selected as a delegate for TVYP and her work was shortlisted for This Scotland Screenwriting Initiative before gaining a number of work placements at several production companies, including BBC Scotland. She has since worked as a researcher on BBC programmes including The Culture Show and The Harbour. Claire’s first short film, My Father’s Son which she directed and produced was shown at the Glasgow Film Festival 2011 and the Scottish Arts and Mental Health Film Festival 2011.

Julie D Dunn, our director of photography graduated with a BA (HONS) Degree from The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, (now The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland), in 2010 where she specialised in Cinematography and was trained on the RED One HD Camera. Since Graduating she has made her own films in a variety of roles. These include 'Discovery' (Co-Writer/Producer, Director, Director of Photography) which was screened at Rotoreliefs in London on March 2011 and Ickle Film Fest June 2012, 'Behind The Screens' (Writer, Director, Editor) winner of the Best Student Film Award at the Thurrock International Film festival June 2012 and was screened at Short Cuts Film Festival May 2012, and 'Dead Letters' (Writer, Director, Director of Photography), screened at Hansel of Film and Ickle Film Fest 2012. 

I don't have any money, can I still help you?

Yes! Tweet about it, talk about it on Facebook, tell your friends and family. We've only got 60 days to raise the money we need to make this film. We'll be putting in our own money from our day jobs to help us hit our target but we simply cannot make the film without your help.

PS - We've also decided that everybody who backs One Year Later will also receive a short film DVD collection consisting of some of Silly Wee Films' work over the last few years, over and above the reward they choose. We hope you like it!




Promised of our £2,000 target


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This project will close on Saturday Mar 30th, 14:00
Promise £1.00 + The website and end credit thank you!

For just £1 we will thank you on our Facebook page ( and credit you at the end of the film! Your name on the film! How cool is that?

98 rewards, 90 remaining
Promise £2.00 + The movie poster perk!

We'll send you out a poster of the movie, signed by the director!

98 rewards, 94 remaining
Promise £3.00 + The updates on the film perk!

We'll add your email to our mailing list and update you of the film's progress, letting you know how we get on, what festivals we are being shown at etc.

99 rewards, 98 remaining
Promise £5.00 + The set of postcards perk!

We will have our poster and some stills from the movie put onto postcards and get our cast and crew to sign them for you to keep!

50 rewards, 45 remaining
Promise £5.00 + The Soundtrack

Our film features music from upcoming Scottish bands Emerald Sunday and Scottish rap artist DEL. The CD will also include extracts from the film's score.

17 rewards, 9 remaining
Promise £10.00 + The vanilla DVD perk!

You'll get a signed copy of the film on DVD

42 rewards, 29 remaining
Promise £15.00 + Copy of the film on Blu-ray

Have a hi-def blu-ray copy of the film with all of the special features and exclusive interviews!

15 rewards, 13 remaining
Promise £15.00 + The premiere of the movie perk!

We'll be having a cast and crew screening probably by the end of May, beginning of June, in Glasgow, and you can come see it on the big screen! Mingle with the cast and crew, get your photo taken with them, get their autograph! Get dressed up and come to a movie premiere! We cannot pay for travel or accommodation.

16 rewards, 6 remaining
Promise £15.00 + The visit to the wrap party perk!

After a hard working shoot, the cast and crew will book a restaurant or a bar and celebrate their achievement with a drink or two. These nights are usually legendary so why not come along and say hello? Grab a drink with us and speak to us about the filmmaking process!

20 rewards, 20 remaining
Promise £20.00 + The special feature DVD perk!

For £20 we'll send you out the DVD with the short film, a special making of documentary, cast/crew interviews, a production slideshow and outtakes... if we have any!

47 rewards, 36 remaining
Promise £20.00 + Production Scrap Book

The professional stills taken throughout the shoot, including a behind the scenes look at the filming process, will be put into a glossy scrapbook for you to keep as a memento from the film's production.

19 rewards, 15 remaining
Promise £30.00 + The set visit perk!

Want to come see how a short film is made but don't want to be in it? No problem! Come watch us film the speed-dating and restaurant scenes! Meet the cast and crew! Ask us questions about filmmaking. We will be filming these scenes on one or two days in April, probably near the end, so please make sure you are available. We cannot pay travelling expenses or accommodation.

10 rewards, 8 remaining
Promise £30.00 + The signed script perk!

We'll be using scripts on the set of the film, we'll get the cast and crew to sign 5 of them and send one out to you! See how the mind of an actor or filmmaker works on a set.

8 rewards, 4 remaining
Promise £50.00 + The be in the movie perk!

We've got two scenes that need extras in the background - either eating at a restaurant or being at the speed-dating night! You could be in that scene to show your family, friends or your granny! We will be filming these scenes on one or two days in April, probably near the end, so please make sure you are available. We cannot pay travelling expenses or accommodation

10 rewards, 6 remaining
Promise £50.00 + Hollywood Makeover

Our professional TV and film makeover team will arrange a day to give you or a loved one a professional hair and makeup makeover. Ideal birthday or anniversary present for the special woman in your life!

10 rewards, 9 remaining
Promise £200.00 + The Executive Producer Perk!

Get every single perk and credited as one of our executive producers on the end credits of the film

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