New Short Film - Reflections

by Mark Wright

Reflections is the fourth short film by Dark Form Productions.

Film Glasgow, United Kingdom
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Thanks for taking the time to view our project. Reflections is a new short Horror/Thriller which we hope will be as successful as our last film - Innocent Violation - which was crowdfunded by Bloom. Reflections is the fourth short film by Dark Form Productions and it will be the third time we have worked with the same crew, a reliable and dedicated team.

Innocent Violation has been submitted to film festivals world-wide including Spain, USA and UK. Details of this film can be found on the link below.

Our short film Reflections, is about a woman named Susan who is in a violent relationship but dreams of a better life with her lover Ian. After having an affair for 12 months, and still unable to tell or leave her husband Chris, Ian decides to take matters into his own hands and informs Susan's husband of the affair.  This sets a chain of events in motion, the consequences of which even Susan could not have imagined. Reflections is a tense thriller, incorporating the horror genre, leaving viewers on the edge of their seat until the climatic end.

We are currently in the pre-production process of the film. Thus far, we have secured filming locations and are holding auditions on the 27th January to cast the film. Going by the amount of interest generated by the project, we have a lot of actors to choose from. Principal photography is set for the 25th of March 2013 and will be filmed over a 3 day period, with the release set for 28th July 2013

The funds will be used for:

  • Expenses (travel/fuel/vehicle hire)
  • Catering (food/water - the essentials!)
  • Equipment hire (things we just don't have at our disposal!)
  • Props
  • Effects
  • Post Production (Submissions to film festivals)

If you would like a complete breakdown of the budget, get in touch and we will be happy to supply the details.

With packages that offer even more than our last production, we hope you will jump on board and be a part of this cinematic experience.


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Promise £1.00 + LIGHTS

A personal thank you and a mention on our Dark Form Facebook page.

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Promise £5.00 + CAMERA

A personal thank you, a mention on our Dark Form Facebook page and updates from pre-production through to festival submission.

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Promise £10.00 + ACTION

A personal thank you, a mention on our Dark Form Facebook Page, listed in the film end credits, updated from pre-production through to film festival submission AND a fully packaged DVD of the completed production.

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All of the above including a fully packaged DVD of the completed production with Outtakes, Stills Gallery and Official Trailer.


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Promise £50.00 + GOING FOR A TAKE

All of the above PLUS a fully packaged DVD of the completed production including Outtakes & Stills Gallery and Official Trailer (signed by cast and crew) and a signed copy of the script by cast and crew.

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Wanna be an EXTRA in the film with full IMDB credits? For £100 you can. And you'll receive all of the above rewards too PLUS a Making of Video on the DVD.

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Promise £250.00 + EXTRA SOUND

Our top reward. In addition to all of the above, you will also receive a signed copy of the Director's Script & Director's Shot List including production notes, a copy of the Press Kit used for submission to Film Festivals AND the DVD will also included interviews with cast & crew. PLUS you get the chance to boom a scene for the sound recordist and receive IMDB credits!

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