Nature At Work

by Kevin Pickering

Nature at Work is a pastoral horror film by Kevin Pickering

Film Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Nature at Work is a pastoral horror short film, based in the rural Scottish town of Keeley.

It starts with Kyle, a neurotic man in his mid twenties and his girlfriend Samantha, heading out to Keeley for lunch with Samantha’s parents. It is the first time Kyle is meeting them and he is very nervous and irritable. When they are in the grand country house, Kyle is left alone to take his shoes off in the hall when he notices a noise from the basement. When he looks at the door to the basement, it closes from within. When Kyle asks at lunch who is down there, he is told there is no one. Kyle is certain that there is.

On the way home after lunch, Kyle and Sam get a flat tyre. After a small argument about who is in the basement, Kyle passes out unexpectedly. He wakes up by the side of the road, no sign of Samantha. She has disappeared. He decides she must have headed back to Keeley, so drives back to the town at night to investigate, setting off a chain of disturbing events, which leave Kyle asking what is going on in Keeley. But what he unearths is not what he expects.

Nature At Work is my Edinburgh College of Art graduation film. It will be my most ambitious project to date. I plan with the right funding to reach the widest audience I can with this film.

All of the money will be used for the production. I have already raised funds, however, I still need some help to reach the target budget. The shoot begins in late February. The money will help with the sourcing and design of costumes and will help with make up effects and transport, which is important as we are shooting all around the Scottish countryside.

Thank you for your interest. If you would like any more information on "Nature At Work" please get in touch at

Or check out some of my previous short films at

Thanks for your help!

Kevin Pickering

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