Music Connection

by Stephen Bullen

A website to make it easier for musicians and venue owners to book gigs.

Music Glasgow, United Kingdom
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Hi I'm Stephen, I am 15 years old and I am trying to launch my first business. It's a website where musicians and venue owners can go to book gigs a lot easier.

Shortly after I heard of the Bad Idea competition I spent days trying to think of ideas to enter with, but after those days of thinking I found out that two of my friends were in a band.  They spent ages practising to be perfect then they found it almost impossible to find a venue to play.  They eventually got a gig but then it got cancelled, so that was when I decided that my idea would be a website that could bring musicians and venues closer together and make it a lot simpler for musicians to get a gig to play at, and also to make sure that venues get a lot more customers.

Please help me reach my target, but if we hit target, can you please keep donating because every penny does help and it will allow me to do so much more while getting my first business started.


"Bad Idea is a Revolutionary enterprise development programme for young people in Scotland. Designed to help Secondary School pupils turn their ideas into a reality, we use a range of unique tools and techniques that enable anyone to create a business for their product or service.

Our intensive course lasts just four days and after only a few hours on the very first day all the pupils developed individual Business Models based on their original creative ideas. Without any time to practice we then surprised them with a camera crew and asked them to ‘pitch’ their idea, which is the video included on this page. We are delighted with the ability of our budding young entrepreneurs to articulate their enterprises in such a short period of time!

We now ask YOU to support their campaign and make their dreams come true!

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Thank you."