Moving On End of Year Experience!

by Lindsay Douglas

Moving On is a college course for young people experiencing difficult transitions and they are trying to raise funds for a personal development residential experience.

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We are a group called Moving On at Perth College UHI. The course is here to help young people between the age of 15 and 17 get back into education who have had some pretty difficult transitions in life. It gives us an opportunity to build our confidence, resiliency and develop ourselves personally so that we can progress through the college system, as many of us have missed a lot of school.

We work on our behavior, employability skills and interpersonal skills and learn to evaluate our work daily through a work based point system which looks at things like our time keeping, respect for each other and the environment we learn in.

We progress through the year from Bronze to Platinum and at each stage we get a reward like going to the cinema as a group or visiting the natural history museum. The platinum award is a residential trip to Badaguish near Aviemore with students from the Social and Vocational Studies (SVS) department at Perth College UHI. 

We raised some money for the residential through organising a Christmas Ball for the SVS students this year. We are hoping to raise more money so it is possible for us to have the residential experience which will helps us budget and plan meals, organise trips and events, work with adults and diverse learners, peer mentor and support others and experience new things.

“A lot of us came on this course because we didn’t have a good time in school and this course would give us hope for a better future. It has really helped us grow, improving our confidence, maturity and attitude towards the future. We feel we could go onto other course or get a good job in life where as before we though we’d never accomplish our goals. We feel we would be able to support ourselves.

The residential is important to us as it’s a chance to get away and have a break from everything, be independent and responsible and have a chance to cook and fend for ourselves as well as building our people skills and team working skills… just to feel normal really”

Rachel Logan

We would like to ask people to help us achieve our goal of £500 towards our £1,200 costs. We have raised £250 already and we are working on raising the other £500 through other fundraising ventures. Please please please help us!

Thank you

Moving On Students

Perth College UHI

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Promised of our £500 target


Days left

This project will close on Friday Apr 4th, 19:00
Promise £3.00 + A 3.00 donation gives you...

... a shout out form Perth College UHI Moving On students on our website thanking you for your donation!

30 rewards, 30 remaining
Promise £5.00 + A 5.00 donation gives you...

...a handmade gift made by us, Perth College UHI Moving On students, to say thank you for supporting our project... A little something to remember us!!

25 rewards, 8 remaining
Promise £10.00 + A 10.00 donation gives you...

... VIP tickets for 2 people to our SVS End of Year Drama Performance. You will get front row seats for this exciting multi media performance from the students in the Social and Vocational department of the College. A fun packed night!!

2 rewards, 0 remaining
Promise £15.00 + A 15.00 donation gives you...

... a pamper session by Perth College UHI Beauty Students. This luxurious session includes a facials and manicure. Just to make your day better!

3 rewards, 0 remaining
Promise £20.00 + A 20.00 donation gives you...

... a lunch for 2 people at our Perth College UHI Gallery Restaurant. Quality food and service by our highly trained students... Not to be missed!

1 rewards, 0 remaining
Promise £30.00 + A 30.00 donation gives you...

... Perth UHI Adventure Club is offering an adventure day for 2 people Pick from a range of planned days! Activities could include abseiling, canoeing, climbing, hill walking and bushcraft! How exciting! Don't miss out on this great experience!

4 rewards, 4 remaining
Promise £40.00 + A 40.00 donation gives you...

...a personalised certificate and framed Thank You photo of all the students involved to always remind you that "You made it Happen!!"

9 rewards, 8 remaining
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