Mahmouds Machines - The Egypt Horse Project

by Hannah Stansfield

Supplying sewing machines for our seamster to help create more useful items for the horses, donkeys and camels of Egypt.

Community Lincoln, United Kingdom
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This project aims to help our seamster Mahmoud to buy new sewing machines - in a manner of payback he will then create the equivalent amount in saddle and carriage pads. 

If you haven't seen our work on The Saddle Pad Project, click here to read up about it. 

Mahmoud is our all-round handy man in Cairo, Egypt. He's the guy behind our saddle pads and he comes up with so many useful ideas to help the people and animals in the area. 

In creating saddle pads for us, he has never taken a wage for himself nor profited from our business. He has shown much compassion for the animals of Egypt and spends many long hours sewing pads and fixing saddles for us. 

Unfortunately, all of this work comes at a heavy toll. His machines have come under a huge amount of stress from working night and day, and now they are beginning to break down more and more often - it is costing him a small fortune for repeat repairs and ideally he needs new machines. As he is our main man for creating saddle pads, it is imperative that we help him, as without our aid he will be unable to buy new machines. 

Your promises will be going towards;

  • purchasing a new lock stitch machine
  • purchasing an embroidery machine 

...but this is not the end of the project!

Mahmoud has refused to allow us to outright buy him machines and initially wanted to pay us back in cash, however, we feel the best manner of payback is for him to produce saddle pads in return, as well as creating new carriage pads to fit under the harness of the cart horses.

If Mahmoud is unable to work on the saddle pads and other items, we are unable to help the animals who need them. 

Please, where possible, share this with your family and friends.  

Thank you.

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