Living the dream - the first steps to happiness

by Carrie Freeman

I am a creative designer/artist asking for your help to buy specialist photography equipment to portray my products perfectly.

Design Swindon, United Kingdom
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I'm an ambitious student with two online shops and I need to buy specialist photographic equipment to show off my products at their very best to my shoppers. With your help I'd like to raise £450 to buy a camera and I will thank you for your generosity with some of the gorgeous products from my shops. 

A little bit about me and what I do.

In this day and age the economy is awful and jobs are scarce. As a full time student this is a great worry of mine since I am due to join the real world at the end of this academic year. To try and help myself in these times I have two shops on, NaturalBathingCo, and Moonlitgems.

These shops are my dream.

With my NaturalBathingCo shop I focus on supplying people with a skin friendly option when it comes to bath time. A lot of the commercial products contain ingredients which dry out your skin, leading to you having to purchase another of their products to correct the imbalance. The soaps I make are all organic and have been praised by many of my fellow UK Etsians who have tried them out. I also make tasty lip balms from natural ingredients. I have been doing this for a year now and it is common for the family to walk into the house and be hit by a waft of jasmine or sandalwood!

My other shop, Moonlitgems, is quite a new venture for me but a thoroughly enjoyable one. I create jewellery using handmade lampwork glass beads and am hoping to start including semi-precious gemstones in some of my designs too. Jewellery making is fascinating and some time in the future I want to experiment using resin and maybe even metalworking to create my own unique charms and pieces that reflect me.

I absolutely love creating things and it is so rewarding for me when I receive great feedback from customers. My dream is to work from home, expanding these two shops into fully fledged businesses which will support me and my future family.

What the money would be used for.

Of course, great product photography is essential to running any business and our current camera is on the blink and needs replacing. I have researched DSLR cameras and found one which would be great for my businesses - the Nikon D3100. It has a fabulous close up mode which will allow me to photograph my jewellery in spectacular detail, and since I'm not exactly tech friendly when it comes to cameras, its also good since it comes with a "guide mode".

The reason I am asking for £450 is that I would also like to buy a photography tent and some white light lamps which would also improve on the quality of my photos.

What are my plans for the future?

I'm not entirely sure yet but my mother has suggested to me that maybe one day I can plan to own or rent a bricks and mortar store where I can both sell my products and have a workshop where I make my soaps and lip balms etc in the back.

This sounds a bit ambitious to me but it would be a great investment if it worked out and I also thought that I could run classes for people on how to make their own bath and body products or jewellery using the techniques mentioned above.

My immediate plans though are to build: Build my stock. Build my brand. And build me. I'm only 23 and still discovering many things which I enjoy.


I have chosen a few rewards which you can see to the right of the page. All of these rewards are based around my NaturalBathingCo shop, apart from the discount codes which apply to both shops, and I hope that there is something there for everyone.

I'm not expecting you to throw money at me but if you can spare just a little then it would be amazingly generous of you and much appreciated.

I hope that you can support me in this venture!

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