Needa Records - exciting new independent record label

by Patty Paterson

To create and run a stylish, respected independent record label releasing electronic music on vinyl and digital formats.

Music Aberdeen, United Kingdom
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Business type:

A passionately run electronic music label, specialising in the genre of house, which goes by the name - Needa Records.

Why I want to create the label?

The reason behind setting up the label is to share my love for high quality house music and to use my knowledge and passion for electronic music to develop a stylish and respected brand which can promote interesting producers, predominantly from across the UK.

What is the label about?

The label is all about house music produced by creative producers. Releasing tracks from undiscovered and already established producers to help raise the profiles of new artists and to use the established artists to raise the profile of the label. I plan to release each EP digitally and also with limited vinyl presses.

What I hope to achieve in my first year of business?

In the first year I aim to develop the label's branding and image, especially its online presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Resident Advisor and my own website, as well as developing a newsletter and promo list between fans, customers and people within the industry.

I hope to release at least 3 EPs and host parties to coincide with the release.

Unique selling point - what makes my company different from the rest?

There are a lot of music labels currently in business that don’t put enough time into marketing, design or advertising, which results in the release going unnoticed. I understand the important of all these areas and, by working with companies that offer great services, I have confidence that the label will have a strong presence in the market.

I plan for Needa Records to be well respected by electronic music fans and industry persons alike. Every step of the process is important and only the best quality products will be developed and produced. The way the brand and design will be marketed for each release is going to be well thought out, planned and executed with passion. I believe the way Needa Records uses marketing and advertisement is the way to make the label succeed.

Releases on vinyl also raises the label's reputation throughout the entire industry.

Experience and knowledge in the industry:

Since 2005 I have been involved in electronic music and over the years my passion and love for it has grown and grown. My first introduction was working PR at club Snafu in Aberdeen. After seeing great live acts and DJs from around the world I started my own club night in late 2008.

I am also a dedicated DJ that has played all over Scotland and at Rockness, Wizard and the Big Beach Ball music festivals. I have hosted a weekly radio station at Aberdeen University called ASR where I played a wide selection of music which I liked and also used the station to promote events in Aberdeen. I run a music blog as well, posting videos, music and web links to anything and everything I like and that inspires me. This summer I finished studying HND sound production at Aberdeen College, passing with an A grade.

My entire life revolves around my passion and love for music!

What I plan to do with this Bloom Project.

With this Bloom project I hope to raise enough money to release the first EP on the label. The money will be used to press 200 vinyls, promote and market the release and pay for promotional material.

My social media sites are newly launched, but growing. When the label is closer to launching all these sites will be active, full of content and a website will also be created.

Please feel free to contact me at

Thanks for your support.




Promised of our £1,000 target


Days left

This project will close on Sunday Aug 25th, 08:30
Promise £1.00 + Free MP3

Every donation helps, and to show my gratitude I will give you a free downloadable MP3 file of the first release.

100 rewards, 96 remaining
Promise £5.00 + Free MP3s

For donations over £5 you will be thanked with a free downloadable MP3 file of all releases in the first year of business, plus we will also give you free entry to our launch party (party will be in Aberdeen, travel and accommodation not included).

44 rewards, 37 remaining
Promise £20.00 + Free vinyl & t-shirt

For donations more than £20, I will reward and thank you with a free copy of the first vinyl release which will be signed by the producer, with any personal message requested. Also, each vinyl will be hand numbered and you are guaranteed one of the first 50, making them more desirable and possibly valuable in the future. T-shirts will be made within the first year of business and you will receive one in your size along with a thank you pack with label promotional goodies. Free entry to our launch party will also be received (party will be in Aberdeen, travel and accommodation not included).

45 rewards, 30 remaining
Promise £100.00 + Freebies for life

For donations more than £100, I will reward you will a free copy of every vinyl that the label releases and these will all be hand signed by the producers. T-shirts will be made within the first year of business and you will receive one in your size along with a thank you pack with label promotional goodies. Free entry to all our parties will also be included (parties will be in Aberdeen, travel and accommodation not included).

10 rewards, 10 remaining
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