Knit with me - Celtic Style

by Dorota Kowalczyk

Help me publish a book about Celtic Knitting, featuring my own designs.

Design Wroclaw, Poland
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Why Bloom? (you could ask, noting that I am from Poland)

Because Bloom is Scottish.

And because I am Scottish. Ok, not too much, only 1/128 ;-) but sometimes I think that the Scottish part of my soul is the most important. 

What would I like to do?

I would like to publish a book about Celtic knitting featuring my own designs, prettily printed, prettily illustrated. This is the first stage of the project; preparing the examples (about 40 items), drawing all the charts, writing all the descriptions, taking gorgeous pictures and writing (and translating) the book to have it ready to send to the publisher.

What have I already done?

I have already knitted 26 items, and I am still knitting. I'm a speedy knitter, so within the time of the project I will be able to complete this part of the work. All of these unique hand-crafted items will be offered to my backers as a reward, as a "thanksgiving" for the support. You will be the owner of the handknitted original, one-of-a-kind item, which will be used in the book as the sample.

What do I need? 

I need the money to:

- update the software I am using to prepare the charts

- book a professional photography session - you can easily see (looking at my pictures here) that I am not the best photographer ;-). 

- purchase yarns

- professionally translate from Polish into English, with pieces in Scottish Gaelic

- purchase some pictures of Scotland (which inspired me to design some motifs)

- prepare the website for my galleries 

How will I spend this money?

My intention is to spend this money supporting Scottish local businesses. So I will purchase the yarns in small Scottish shops and I will find a Scottish local photographer to take the professional pictures. I would even like to publish my book in Scotland.

About my book...

This book is intended to teach knitters how to create their own patterns in Celtic-like style. I will propose some motifs and I will explain how to organize them in a bigger design. So it will be not necessary to copy my proposals, to knit exactly this scarf or that sweater, with this book the knitter could choose the motifs she/he likes and organize them in a new, unique design.I genuinely think this book would be useful for local knitting and craft groups and could actually free their creativity. I am preparing all new items, new models, I am designing new patterns that have not been published at all, till now. In this book all the designs will be fresh, I will design about 40 new knots and panels, and I will propose about 40 different endings and cable-dividers. You will love it.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for looking. 

Thank you so much for the opportunity to tell you about my passion!

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