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by Dead Sleekit

We are a creative textile duo and our aim is to produce illustrative designs on garments such as scarves, dresses, tops, t-shirts and more. Keeping fashion in Scotland.

Design Glasgow, United Kingdom
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We are a creative textile duo and our aim is to produce illustrative designs on garments such as scarves, dresses, tops, t-shirts and more. Keeping fashion in Scotland!

The story of how we came to be

We are Iain Macdonald, 27 and  Anna Victoria Thorn, 24.  We met in 2008 as we explored our creative development as new friends at Grays School of Art. We both decided to specialise in Textiles and Surface Design, a BA (Hons) degree and this is where our love affair with textiles began.  Over the 4 years at Gray’s it became clear the appreciation and admiration we both had for each other’s style, mark making and results.

Always working closely together, but with a healthy competitive edge, we had a fantastic chance to really achieve our potential within this field.  Both of us gained a lot from our time at Gray’s; for example, Anna winning the Weaver Guild Award and Iain winning the T-shirt Design competition for McCalls Ltd. 

As our time at University was coming to an end our love affair with fashion was really blooming, so we decided to indulge our passion together - Dead Sleekit was fashioned. As individuals we surpassed others' expectations of our potential, so as a creative duo we believe we will be truly appealing.

The Plan

Getting our feet off the ground.

Having both graduated and worked in the industry, we believe that it is achievable to stay in Scotland and flourish as a fashion business. While most talent flocks to London, we intend staying true to our roots.  Don't get us wrong, we love London and the buzz of the culture but we want to bring this buzz to Scotland.

We want to stay in Scotland and by supporting our crowdfund you will be effectively helping us to create a fantastic printed fashion line, something that isn't mass-produced and cheaply made, but is utterly unique.

What we wholeheartedly desire

We would love to have our Spring Summer 2014 collection out this September and this is what we are currently obsessing over. We want a beautiful photo-shoot and a truly memorable fashion show, so we can showcase the must-have new collection both off and online.

Everything will be designed, splashed, rubbed, sprayed, doodled, scanned and manipulated in Photoshop and then transfered to the garments, with lots of love from our own fair hands.

It's also important to us to give something back to our peers, and what better way to do this than offering work experience with Dead Sleekit, where interns can experience a dynamic, productive, and enjoyable working environment - we want to encourage their dreams and goals, to demonstrate that you should never give up on what you're passionate about, and show them what they can achieve when they leave university.

 Sharing is Caring

We're not going to beat around the bush here, we know we are asking our backers to reach deep, spend hard and part with good cash, however, we do promise you hard work and loyalty in return, as well as the chance to watch us grow and experience our transformation into a new brand.

With your help - and our extreme passion for this business to grow  - we are looking to reach a target of £1800.

£1800 will help to cover the cost of

  • Logo
  • Branding - and 3 months help and support with our brand identity
  • Website
  • Stationery

This will allow us to showcase our designs to you and the online world. We would love to get our website up and running because, as you will see, it's waiting to have a healthy dose of TLC. We have high aspirations for our brand, and we really need you to help us achieve that.

Keep Calm & Carry on

If we reach our target and you incredible individuals want to keep helping us grow, we could potentially do so much more, such as;

  • Garment Labels
  • Sketch books
  • Drawing Materials
  • Paints
  • Printing Costs
  • And eventually our very own Studio Space

We are living and breathing this brand at the moment, when we aren’t working we are designing. We would love to succeed and with your help we believe we can. Thank you for reading and considering us. We appreciate times are hard but we never break a promise.


Iain and Anna Victoria

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Promised of our £1,800 target


Days left

This project will close on Sunday May 5th, 14:00
Promise £5.00 + Show Off

We promise to share our progress with you as we grow, we will do this through the art of digital media and give you a mention as a backer on our new website.

46 rewards, 46 remaining
Promise £10.00 + Keeping it local

We promise to use products that are sourced locally and all our finished garments will be made and produced in the United Kingdom. With love, a 10% discount code for you.

46 rewards, 43 remaining
Promise £15.00 + A gift

We will hand select an A4 illustrative print for you, and post it straight through your letterbox. Not only this, but the print will be a snippet from our latest collection.

48 rewards, 45 remaining
Promise £20.00 + A work of art

A limited edition A3 illustrative print from our collection, printed with love, a 10% discount and a mention!

46 rewards, 42 remaining
Promise £25.00 + Something a little special

We would love to name a garment after yours truly. Be it a top or a scarf, we will name one of our creations after you and your name will appear next to our garment in our lookbook when the time for production comes. We'll also send you a shiney 15% off code.

14 rewards, 11 remaining
Promise £50.00 + Something extra special

We want to give you, as a special thank you, a chance to have your say on any creature great or small, and we will draw him or (her) to your specifications, before softly letting him (or her) loose onto the garment. Not only this, but we will tag you on our facebook page so you can see just whereabouts your little creation is lurking on the finished garment. You will also receive a mention on the website and a lovingly gifted 15% off when our range is complete.

37 rewards, 35 remaining
Promise £100.00 + Bee Unique

We will create a limited edition one off scarf, just for you; 100cm x 100cm and portraying your choice of theme. Be it wildlife, floral or just a funky pattern, we will create your very own unique design, something you love. As well as a thank you 30% off code to use when our range is complete.

17 rewards, 9 remaining
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