Homes for children in San Kizito, Rwanda

by Studio SK

Raising funds to build homes for orphans in San Kizito, Rwanda.

Education Glasgow, United Kingdom
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San Kizito is a small north-eastern village in Rwanda that accommodates local children who find themselves without a home.  The village has been successful in providing food, care and education for the past sixteen years and was originally established by a missionary worker named Father Herman. Father Herman worked in Rwanda before the infamous genocide, which saw over 800,000 people dead, and felt responsible for the children directly affected by the tragedy. As a result, San Kizito, the children’s village, was born.  San Kizito is still managed by Father Herman and Barrabbas, an Italian Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), and continues to work on the founding principles, as well as develop necessary skills and education the children will need to succeed after life in the village.   

San Kizito needs our help if it is to continue to provide the care it is known for. The Rwandan government has deemed four of their accommodation buildings no longer fit for habitation, and as a result, they need to be demolished and replaced.  This is where StudioSk comes in.

Studio S.K. is formed by five architecture students who all share a common interest in this project.  By April this year, Studio S.K. will travel to Rwanda to work directly with the locals in order to fully appreciate the nature of the place and the local culture.  The main difference in our approach to this live project lies in the way we intend to engage with the community; it is important for us not to export a design but to work with the end-users from conception through to construction, by doing this, locals are fully immersed in the entire process of making their space and not just at the construction stage.

Our target of £7,500 is calculated as the bare minimum to make our initiative feasible. As the construction costs of the buildings are covered by the €50,000 pledged by our partners in Italy, the fund raised here on Bloom VC will be used to cover the expenses required such as flight tickets and other operational costs. We hope that with your help we will be able to make this project a reality. Besides helping a community in need, this is also an opportunity to gain invaluable on-site construction experience.

So please make a promise, and spread the word! Thank you!

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