Help keep the dogs warm over winter

by Lorraine Jardine

Islay Dog Rescue (Ayrshire) is dedicated to saving the lives of death row dogs. We have kennels but need funding to help us install heaters to keep the dogs warm before winter arrives.

Community Cumnock, United Kingdom
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Since starting out in 2010, we have rehomed 235 dogs, the majority of whom would have died. 

Why do we need you? 

We operate the rescue on a shoestring budget.  To put heaters in our kennels will cost approximately £750 – money we simply do not have at the moment. 

When we started we had no idea of the true, desperate plight of pound dogs in this country.  We built three kennels and have subsequently built another 7; they are well insulated but do not have heaters in them and winter is coming. For the past two winters we have managed with jumpers and coats to keep the dogs warm, but we want – we need – them to be more cosy and comfortable. 

Please help us keep the dogs warm this winter :-)  Thank you.

Who are we? 

Hello, we are Lorraine Jardine and Richard Thomson. We set up and operate Islay Dog Rescue from Glen Islay Farm, a small-holding near Cumnock, on the South-West Coast of Scotland.  We are passionate about animals and dedicated to helping dogs who have found themselves in dog pounds.  Specifically, we rescue and re home dogs that are on "death row".

The farm is home to many animals with a large proportion of them being rescued animals.  Currently there are sheep, horses, ponies, donkeys, hens, ducks, cats and dogs (I think that's all at the minute!)

In the beginning....... 

Islay Dog Rescue came to be really as a result of a tragedy.  Two of our own dogs (Maggie and Zara) were killed just before Christmas 2010.  We tried several rescue organisations with the intent to rehome one, if not two dogs, but had great difficulty in doing so.  It became apparent to us that there must be many, many good homes out there, crying out for dogs to love.. The seed was planted.

We decided to work specifically with "death row" dogs.  These are dogs who have served their seven days in dog pounds and are due to be put to sleep.  We thought if we could rescue, assess, veterinary health check, deflea, worm and neuter/spay them then perhaps we could find them suitable homes.  It was terrifying - what if we couldn't find any of the dogs homes?  So......we started small.... 

We made links with an organisation in Lancashire called Homeless Hounds.  We selected a brindle/staffie cross and brought him home.  What a gentleman this boy turned out to be.  His name is Bruce and he was about 6 or 7 years old.  Anyway, once we had assessed him, neutered him, etc etc.  we decided we couldn't part with him.  So, we'd failed!!!  Back to the drawing board. 

The next dog from Homeless Hounds was Oscar.  This time we put him in foster care with our good friend Grace.  She looked after him and assessed him over a period of about three weeks and then we found him a fantastic home where he is well cared for and loved to bits. And the green shoots of Islay Dog Rescue emerged. 

Since then we have rescued many dogs from both Homeless Hounds and All Dogs Matter (based in London) and, to dae, have rehomed 235 dogs, the majority of whom would have died. 

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