Help Save Flame, the Abandoned Pony

by Ruby Henderson

Flame is a little Shetland pony who has been abandoned, and needs an operation for the chance of a new loving home.

Enterprise Fife, United Kingdom
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Flame is a little Shetland pony who has been abandoned by his owner, and needs an operation for the chance of a new loving home. He has been temporarily housed in a field in Fife, however as his owner does not pay rent for using the field, Flame will soon be out of a home. I have managed to get the field owner to agree to give me a month to organise a new home for Flame.

My friends and family think I’m mad, but I can’t bear to watch an animal suffer, and Flame has been ignored for too long. I have done everything I can to find a new home, by contacting the SSPCA (Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and other rescue organisations but they can’t help as Flame is a stallion. However the SSPCA know what I’m trying to do for Flame, and are supportive of my project.

There is a potential new owner, Samantha, who has promised a safe and happy future for Flame but only if he is castrated. If I can raise £300, it will pay for the castration operation and cover costs for moving Flame to his new home. Samantha has been to see Flame and has told me his general health is reasonable although his coat and hoofs need care. She hopes to house Flame with her two other horses, Millie and Robbie (and Larry the lamb!)

It’s only a small amount, but it will give a defenceless animal the chance for a real home, with an owner who cares about him. We need to defend animals such as Flame against careless and cruel treatment, and stop their suffering. Flame’s owner clearly didn’t appreciate his value, and it turns out the little Shetland pony is actually a pedigree and from a very good bloodline.

Please give anything you can, every little goes towards safeguarding Flame’s future. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer them.