Glasgow Hunger Memorial

by Kenneth Murray

A campaign to fund a memorial in Glasgow to those lost in The Great Hunger.

Art Glasgow, United Kingdom
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The Great Hunger (An Gorta Mor) in the 19th Century was a terrible period of European history in which more than a million Irish people died and 2-3 million (the figure will never be known exactly) forced to emigrate or face the same fate out of a population of 8 million.Many of these survivors came to Scotland and Glasgow in particular.

Yet Glasgow is unique in that it is the only major city around the world that survivors fled to not to have recognised The Great Hunger - the others have long since raised memorials to remember the dead and the survivors of this natural event.

This project seeks to bring pressure to bear to rectify that situation, by helping to raise money to commission a statue to remember the victims and honour Glasgow's role in providing a safe haven of sorts. Glasgow's history has been shaped these past two centuries by the children of the famine, indeed there can be few people in the city who could not trace at least one relative to this traumatic event.

Currently the SNP opposition in Glasgow are championing this by way of putting forward a motion calling for such a memorial. The motion needs the support of the Labour party and others to succeed, so I would urge everyone to put pressure on as many elected representatives as possible to ensure that this long overdue memorial comes to fruition.

Also we hope to be able to use this funding page to assauge the obvious objections using the cover of money that will arise at some point. 

The statue design would be chosen by way of a competition in which people will be asked via a facebook page (to be set up nearer the time) to choose a design.

There are various "rewards" available for different levels of donation although every penny will count towards funding this long overdue memorial, whilst £10,000 is our target it would be great to exceed that.

More info can be found on the Irish famine/genocide/holocaust/lack of memorial in Glasgow at the sites below:

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