Filming of the Young Virtuosi Festival

by Christiane Wuillamie

The festival is its 6th year, a fantastic showcase of young musicians and we would like to film it professionally in July.

Music London, United Kingdom
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The festival is its 6th year, a fantastic showcase of young musicians and we would like to film it professionally.

The festival was conceived to give young musicians the opportunity to gain invaluable professional performance experience to give them exposure to an appreciative public in a wonderful environment. The young musicians are put through their paces in an intensive programme of solo and ensemble performances which stretches their stamina, musicality and presentation skills.

The production of this film will enable Young Virtuosi to reach out to a larger audience and assist our fundraising effort.

The quality of the concerts in five medieval villages has enthralled the local community over the years in this little enclave in the Languedoc around the valley of the Cougain River. The festival reaches people in a rural area who otherwise do not get to listen or learn about classical music. It now attracts music lovers nationally and internationally who by word of mouth have come to discover its magic. 

We have been asked to present an additional concert in the local town of Limoux. This shows the growing popularity of the festival.

We have just completed an Outreach programme in the village primary schools on 3rd June 2013. It was a great success. The children participated enthusiastically.

Young Virtuosi acts to inspire and help young musicians of limited means continue their musical development, through a combination of educational work and funded concerts. Young Virtuosi sponsors master classes and workshops in London to promote music in schools and encourage young musicians to think more ambitiously about their musical lives. The trust also puts on concerts in London and in France to provide young aspiring musicians with opportunity to gain vital performance experience and widen their audiences.

The money raised will contribute towards:

£ 2585 for Production Cost

£ 800 for Editing Cost

£ 500 to produce CDs and DVDs

Any money raised above our target will be put towards Outreach projects.

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