Feeding Dahab's Dogs

by Hannah Stansfield

Emergency funding for Janet's Wadi - urgent help needed to feed 250+ dogs in Egypt

Education Lincoln, United Kingdom
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Janet's Wadi is a shelter in Dahab, Egypt that supports over 250 dogs rescued from the streets. Until recently, Janet had been able to feed her dogs with food waste and scraps from the NGO waste collection company, however a section of Bedouin have now ordered that NGO is not to give this food waste to the dogs. 

Feeding costs have thus increased to an unsustainable amount. As an emergency measure the dogs are being fed as much commercial dry food as funds raised can cover. Waste bread, chicken offal and buffallo bones are also being purchased when available, but this is not daily and amounts are very small. 

Starvation is unavoidable without your help in the short term, and starvation in the long term is unavoidable if the Bedouin do not reverse their ban.

If the latter occurs the dogs will be returned to the streets and hotels from whence they came or the houses of the people who dumped them, abandoned them or gave them to Janet. Incredibly these people are not even supporting the dogs at this time.

As an indication of costs Egyptian made dry food costs 190Le for one 15kg bag. To feed somewhere approaching enough the shelter needs 8 bags per day - to sum this up, it costs 1,520LE per day to feed the dogs; equivalent to £152 GBP.

Janet relies on the generosity of others to help feed these dogs. She provides them with care off the streets - away from poison the Egyptian government put down to kill the animals living on the street - neuters, vaccinates and tries to rehome them, even finding funds to fly some overseas to their new families. 

These dogs are in desperate need of help - please give what you can spare.