Fantastic film equipment!

by Don MacKeen

The Transitions course for students with Asperger syndrome needs decent film equipment for our classes!

Education Glasgow, United Kingdom
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The Transitions course at City of Glasgow College for students with Asperger syndrome needs decent film equipment for our classes!

We have been working with students for 10 years and we find making films is a great way to teach teamwork, discuss issues and increase student confidence.  But it's all a bit disappointing when the result is a fuzzy looking film that sounds terrible. If we want students to see that hard work pays off, there needs to be a better pay off.

The young people coming on our course have usually had a terrible time at school, finding the whole experience demoralising.  While intelligent and creative, like a lot of people with Asperger syndrome, they find the finer points of social interaction don't come naturally.  This can make dealing with other people like going through a minefield - when's the right time to talk about your interests? How do you deal with bullies? People in authority? When - and how - do you get to express your opinions?

In order to learn how to deal with other people and get their point across, we find they need to learn how to work together.  Because the students are creative, film is a great way to get them doing just that.

But unfortunately, due to our poor quality equipment, the outcome of their hard work is fuzzy images and crappy sound.  Our course doesn't have a budget for decent equipment, so in order for us to keep motivating the students, we need to improve our cameras, mics and editing software.

Please will you help us?

Thank you.

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