The Students of Springfield Street

by Steve Johnson

A twisted tale about six student friends and the decisions they make during one 24-hour day.

Film Motherwell, United Kingdom
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What's the film about?

"The Students of Springfield Street" is a skillfully woven tale of six student friends, during one twenty-four hour day. Each of the stories (and there are six!), interwind throughout the day, crossing each other by the decisions that are made, and how those decisions change the course of each of the friends lives, without them knowing. 

What are we shooting the film on?

We are shooting the film using the RED EPIC camera. This is the same camera that's being used on some of the worlds biggest feature films including: The Hobbit; Prometheus; Pacific Rim; Much Ado About Nothing; The Great Gatsby; 42; Oz the Great and the Powerful; Jack the Giant Slayer; Hitchcock; Flight and many, many more...

We are shooting digitally at 5K resolution, more than x6 times the resolution of your high definition TV. This allows us to "future proof" the film and make it more widely available for future distribution models.

We are lucky to have two RED EPIC cameras on this film, which will allow us to shoot more footage, more quickly and to a standard that exceeds 35mm film.

Who's involved so far?

Our talented crew includes: Director of Photography, Tom Dobbie; Production Designer, Janet Cathro; Data Manager, Barry Gunning and Makeup Artist, Lou Mack.

We are also pleased to be working with some of the leading acting establishments in Glasgow to source our lead actors. 

Who are the actors?

Casting commences mid-May, and we estimate that the main actors will be cast before the end of the crowdfunding period.

Why do we want to make this film?

We want to tell a dramatic story, in a different and unique way. This film is not using the normal 3-act structure of many Hollywood feature films. We believe the structure of the story and the characters, will lead to the drama unfolding in suprising ways.

We believe that people will be able to relate to the characters, and feel the dramatic tension they are going through.

We believe that people will relate to the relationships between the characters, especially our target audience which is 18-35 years olds.

So why are we crowdfunding?

We are crowdfunding this project because we believe that it affords us the most amount of creative control over the entire project such as casting, locations, music and more importantly, the final cut. 

Crowdfunding seems to be the way forward for independent filmmakers to make smaller and more personal films without letting them sign away any of their creative control.

This also gives us the best chance when it comes to distribution as we have the final say as to when and where the film will be seen, in what cinemas and on which platforms we make it available for people to purchase.

What do we need the money for?

Firstly, no-one is getting paid a fee for this film. The entire cast and crew are part of this production because they love the script and they really want to see the film made.

So, we need the money for:

+ Feeding the cast and crew for the entire shoot

+ Expenses for the cast and crew to get to locations

+ Pay for some of the locations

+ Pay for costumes

+ Pay for some production design

+ Hire a small amount of technical equipment

What are our plans after we have finished the film?

We are planning on shooting "The Students of Springfield Street" over 21 days this summer (July and August 2013), with plans to complete the film to a 4K Digital Release and enter the film in Film Festivals throughout the UK and worldwide. We also want to raise the profile of everyone involved in the film and be able to bring more filmmaking projects to Scotland. 

We're aiming to have our Glasgow Screening around April 2014 at the latest, sooner if possible.

What do you get out of it?

There are some amazing packages on offer to our backers starting from a thanks on our facebook page and your name in the credits of the film, through to digital copies of the film, soundtrack, a "Making of" eBook, a walk-on part as an extra, signed posters, tickets to a "Cinema Screening" of the finished film and even the opportunity to become a co-producer of the film and have your name on the opening credit sequence.

For our Power Players Package, we are offering the use of our RED EPIC Camera for a weekend for your own production or a corporate video for your business (of up to 3 minutes), produced by the team at Futuristfilm Ltd. (Scotland based only).

What have we done before?

A number of our talented crew have worked in the television, advertising and film industries for a number of years. 

Steve Johnson (director / writer) has directed a number of music videos as well as a recent short film called "Day 29". Steve also owns a company called Futurist Digital Ltd which supplies the RED EPIC camera for hire to productions, as well as providing onset digital support and post production consultation. He's worked with a number of high profile clients and projects including STV Creative, "Outpost 3" (pickups) for Black Camel Productions, GramaFilms London, MI High (VFX Plates) for Kudos Productions to name but a few. We even hired out some equipment for Fast & Furious 6 when it filmed in Glasgow last year! Steve has also directed a number of corporate videos and he is part of RED Digital's Worldwide Training Team and teach at REDucationUK each year at Pinewood Studios.

Tom Dobbie (Director of Photography) studied at Glasgow School of Art and The Royal College of Art. He was a successful commercial stills photographer for many years, before being seduced by the moving image. He's a lens and lighting fanatic, who has worked for many of the great luxury brands including Cartier, Debeers and Faberge, to name but a few. His recent work has seen him move out of the studio to corporate and documentaries as well as drama and music videos. This will be Tom's 5th collaboration with director Steve Johnson.

Barry Gunning (Digital Imaging Technician) is a DIT and Photographer working in Glasgow. Barry's first career was in the fitness industry before deciding to reliase his passion of working in the TV and film industry. He's used a wide variety of cameras from DSLRs through to the film industry RED EPIC. Barry recently was the DoP on a short film and continues working on short films, music videos and commercials. 

Janet Cathro (Production Designer) is a successful interior designer based out of her design studio in Hamilton. Janet has spent years working with high profile clients on interior designs and has run her own business for more than 20 years. She has a successful online business called 'CushionBox'. Janet is designing and furnishing all the sets on the film.

Lou Mack Henderson (Make up Artist) was trained at Jemma Kidd Makeup School. Lou is primarily a fashion makeup artist. After working on music videos for A1Baseline, Future Ages and Stephanie Manns last year, she is now transitioning in to film. With a passion for art and the creativity it brings and the need to be challenged in all aspects of her work.

Other opportunities

We have a number of other opportunites for things like "Product Placement" within the film. If you're interested in chatting about this, please feel free to email us at to discuss your thoughts.

If you don't have any money, that's okay, let us tell you how you can still help us...

You can still like our Facebook page, tweet all about us, even tell your friends and family about our film. We only have 30 days to raise the money to make this film and without your help, we can't make it. Remember, if we don't make our target, then we get NOTHING!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Promise £2.00 + Our Thank You Package

+ A "Thank You" on our Facebook page
+ A "Thank You" on our website
+ Your name in the end credits of the film
+ Our eternal thanks and gratitude

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Promise £10.00 + Film Geek Package

As our Thank You Package
+ A digital copy of the film

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Promise £25.00 + Film & Music Geek Package

As Film Geek Package
+ A digital copy of the film soundtrack.

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Promise £40.00 + Autograph Hunter Package

As Film & Music Geek Package
+ A digital copy of our short film "Day 29"
+ A4 signed copy of the film's poster by our six lead actors.

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Promise £50.00 + Film Fanatic Package

As Autograph Hunter Package
+ A digital copy of the "Making of" eBook
+ A signed copy of the script by the lead actors
+ A personal video message from a cast member

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Promise £75.00 + The Cinema Package

As Film Fanatic Package
+ A visit to the set whilst filming (travel and accommodation not included)
+ You'll appear in a "making of" episode
+ Appear in a video segment of the eBook
+ Two tickets to a private "Cinema" screening of the film.

10 rewards, 4 remaining
Promise £125.00 + The Walk on Part Package

As The Cinema Package
+ Access to our exclusive "Making of" web series (video) before they're released publicly
+ Appear as an extra in the film
+ Your photo appearing on the opening credits on the film.

13 rewards, 7 remaining
Promise £250.00 + The Associate Producer Package

As The Walk on Part Package
+ A limited edition A1 funders film poster signed by all six lead actors and the main crew members
+ An Associate Producer IMDB Credit.

8 rewards, 6 remaining
Promise £500.00 + The Line Producer Package

As The Associate Producer Package (minus Associate Producer credit)
+ A Line Producer IMDB Credit
+ Product placement of your business somewhere in the film (if applicable)
+ A 1/4 page advert within the eBook for your business (if applicable)

3 rewards, 2 remaining
Promise £500.00 + The Line Producer Package + 1

As The Associate Producer Package (minus Associate Producer credit)
+ A Line Producer IMDB Credit
+ Day on set as a member of the crew
+ Operate the clapper board
+ Photograph of you with the cast and crew for that day

2 rewards, 2 remaining
Promise £750.00 + The Co-Producer Package

As The Line Producer Package (minus Line Producer Credit)
+ A Co-Producer IMDB Credit
+ Your name or company name on the movie poster and all advertising material
+ Two additional tickets to the "cinema" screening, so that's four tickets in total!!!

4 rewards, 4 remaining
Promise £1,000.00 + Power Players Package

As Co-Producer Package
+ Four additional tickets to the "cinema" screening, so that's six tickets in total!!!
+ Up to a 3 minute corporate video for your business
+ Weekend hire of our RED EPIC camera for your own production - (Scotland based only + travel expenses if outwith 75miles of Glasgow)

5 rewards, 5 remaining
Promise £1,000.00 + Power Player Package +1

As Co-Producer Package
+ Four additional tickets to the "cinema" screening, so that's six tickets in total!!!
+ A part in the film as a lead character's family member
+ Name your character for the end credits

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