Cinematic Celebration through Art

by Larain Briggs

Exhibition with 22 contributing artists working around the theme of cinema. Running across 3 venues, the main one being 'The Electric Palace Cinema' - the oldest running cinema in the country. 

Art Harwich, United Kingdom
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I need your help to crowdfund £700 to pay for the art exhibition which I am running, with 22 contributing artists with a wide range of styles. Raising the money I need has proved to be more difficult than I had expected, but I am very optimistic that with your support, I will raise the money needed in the time that I have. I have already covered the venue fees, but I need to pay for marketing, the private view, and volunteer expenses.

The exhibition is to take place on the 4th and 5th June 2013. I am putting so much energy into this project and I am also very excited about the work that I am personally producing for the exhibition. 

Where my idea came from

The idea of this project arose some time ago when, due to ill health, I had to give up teaching. I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder when I was studying for my fine art degree at Camberwell Art College, 23 years ago. I have managed this relatively well most of my life and even managed to take a Post Graduate Certificate in Education at Goldsmiths College, University of London, as a single parent. When I started having physical problems, everything became too much and I had to give up work. This gave me the opportunity to spend more time painting but after a few years I felt that I wanted to do something for other people. I missed teaching. I felt like a gardener without a garden.

I made it my goal to exhibit my work again as I had previously achieved some success after my degree show, exhibiting in prestigious venues such as the Business Design Centre in Islington at the Art Fair and The Sophia Arts Fair in Bulgaria. To help others, I decided I wanted to set up something for young people where I live. Having worked with children with emotional and behavioural problems as a special needs teacher in London and studying art therapy, I felt that I could perhaps use these skills as well as art and set up a workshop in one of the unused shops in the town. I also want to help artists exhibit in empty shops in the town and have plans to start this after the exhbition.

What I've achieved so far

I called Essex County Council to see if they could advise me on how to achieve my goals. I was invited to hold an exhibition at the Electric Palace Cinema in Harwich as part of the 'Summer of Art' in Essex. This seemed like such a wonderful opportunity -  I accepted it without question. I managed to get together 15 artists with very different styles, so that I could achieve an eclectic exhibition where there would be 'something for everyone', from traditional to conceptual. It's so exciting to have such a unique venue for an art exhibition, but I wanted extra room to allow the artists to exhibit more of their work and so have also booked another space next door to the cinema. A local gallery, 'Bodgeners', have now also agreed to take part in the exhibition and all work is to be themed around the cinema. I've also managed to get £900 funding from the council to cover the venue fees, plus sponsorship for a raffle - the Pier Hotel have offered a meal for two, the Co-op a bottle of wine, Lidl £25 worth of food and Morrisons a £10 voucher.

My goal

I am only charging artists 10% commission as one of my aims at the outset was to facilitate artists to exhibit. The whole idea was to make art more accessible and I hope that with lower commission, the work can be sold at a more affordable price. Any extra money that is raised will be put towards setting up the next projects to fill the empty shops in towns with artists’ work.

There is much to do, both for the exhibition and for my own work. So far, I am enjoying every minute of it. 

Follow the link if you would like to find out more about my work and some of the other artists.

Thank you.

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You will receive a handwritten card of thanks, with my sincerest gratitude.

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An invitation to the private view evening of the exhibition on the evening of the 4th June 2013. Wine and nibbles served.

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My sincere appreciation and your name included as a sponsor of the project on all printed publications for this exhibition.

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A signed unframed A4 size, limited edition 1/10 digital painting from the exhibition.

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You will receive a signed copy of the exhibition catalogue, email updates on the exhibition progress and an exclusive lifetime invite to private views of the Harwich Art exhibitions.

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Promise £50.00 + Digital Painting Portrait commission

Digital painting from a photograph of your choice, printed on A4 paper ready for framing.

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Promise £70.00 + Heaven and Hell digital painting on canvas 18

Digital painting 1/10 signed and professionally printed on a deep edge canvas 18" x 12".

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Signed oil painting from a photograph of choice, painted on canvas

4 rewards, 4 remaining
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