Champagne For Cynthia

by Lewis Wardrop

Champagne For Cynthia is the title of my next film and will be my graduation project from Edinburgh College of Art.

Film Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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"Champagne For Cynthia is a short comedy drama about a woman who transcends her social norms by stepping into someone else's shoes, literally!"

The Story

Cynthia, a private cleaner, arrives late for work at her rich client’s grand and expensive home. Her client Dennis, a man half Cynthia’s age, is tired of her excuses and gives her a condescending talking down. Ashamed and embarrassed Cynthia is left alone in the house as Dennis and his rude girlfriend rush off to catch a flight. Upset and irritated by the way Dennis has treated her, Cynthia begins her cleaning work. Today is not a good day for Cynthia. She botches her cleaning tasks; accidently ruining her ironing work and damaging some of Dennis’ belongings whilst attempting to dust them. Cynthia becomes disenfranchised by her menial tasks.

Whilst putting away some clothes in Dennis’ girlfriend’s walk-in wardrobe Cynthia can’t help but admire the expensive shoes and clothes. Unable to resist the temptation she tries on a pair of high-heel shoes. Excited by what she sees, and how the shoes make her feel, Cynthia decides to go all the way and selects one of the girlfriend’s designer dresses to try on. Cynthia completes her transformation by applying some make-up and adorning a wig, she looks almost completely unrecognizable. The new look gives Cynthia a sense of confidence and power. Now she’s in charge.

In her new role as lady of the house, Cynthia decides to have a bit of a party. In the fridge she discovers an expensive bottle of champagne that is duly opened. A little tipsy, Cynthia puts some music on and starts to dance, things get a little out of hand as she knocks over a vase and makes a mess in the beautiful house.

As the film evolves we see how the clothes give Cynthia a renewed sense of self-respect, confidence and happiness. When Dennis returns to the house, having forgotten his passports, Cynthia has changed back into her normal clothes just in the nick of time. But as Cynthia leaves the house after completing her work we realise she couldn’t leave all of her transformation behind. The lasting image of the film will be Cynthia tottering up the street wearing her own clothes but attempting to walk in the girlfriend’s expensive high-heel shoes.

The film will explore themes of identity, social class, wealth and self-empowerment.

Your Help

Any contribution pledged will be immensely appreciated and will help me to make this film. 

Money raised will help cover the costs of making the film such as:

  • Travel Expenses
  • Costumes & Props
  • Location fees
  • Submission Fees to film festivals
  • Actors Fees

Champagne For Cynthia will be shot in mid-March and there will be a screening of the film in Edinburgh in June.

Completing this project will allow me to achive my BA(Hons) Degree in Film & TV from Edinburgh College of Art. Champagne For Cynthia will be a showcase of my work as a director at this stage and be submitted to festivals and to allow me to share my work with a wider audience.

Thank you!

Thanks for taking the time to read about this project.

For more info about the film please do not hesitate to get in touch via:

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