Big up our Bling

by Mhairi Mackenzie

We want to make all our own products here in Scotland and need our own laser cutting machine to make it happen.

Design Glasgow, United Kingdom
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Bonnie Bling is ready to get bigger, but I need your support. Make a promise to our project and Bonnie Bling will be able to purchase it's own laser cutting machine to manufacture right here in Scotland. Custom Cutting In the past few months our custom knuckledusters have been viewed on XFactor's Amelia Lily, MTV's Laura Whitmore and were also used in a photoshoot on singer Lana Del Rey. We want to offer our customers unique custom products in addition to our core range of slang and dialect words. Fast turnaround times are essential to make sure we can compete in the market and to keep our customers as happy blingers. What we're asking I know crowdfunding is new to a lot of people, and I know I am outright asking you to part with your hard earned cashola but I've thought up some pretty blinging rewards for your support and promise you this money will be put to very, very good use. The laser cutting machine will enable the business to keep up with demand, design new pieces and to create jobs. I hope you'll contribute and become part of our journey to making Bonnie Bling one of the UK's leading fashion accessories brands. And pyoooor big massive TA for taking the time to read through our project. P.S. To all friends and family, promising to this project will exempt you from all usual gift/pint buying in my direction for the year ;) Back Story Bonnie Bling has been a part-time venture of mine for the past year and momentum behind the brand has built dramatically in the last few months. We have already worked with some amazing companies such as Obscure Couture and the Riverside Transport Museum to create custom ranges. There are new collaborations in the pipeline for some really big UK companies but at the moment I don't have control over the cutting of the accessories and this is something that is crucial to the development of new products, designs and managing our accessories range at an affordable level. Bonnie Bling has always been fast to respond to current trends, our 'Pure Fancy Brad Pitt Badge' gained us our first piece of major press and with our own machine we'll be able to turnaround custom items within minutes.   Opportunities I have plans to roll out our range to different locations including, London, Wales, Yorkshire, the Highlands and even New Zealand, Australia, America and beyond! But for this to happen we really need our own machine. I want to keep our business as a UK one, I don't want to have to outsource our manufacturing to another country. I want to create and keep jobs right here in Scotland and the UK, purchasing a desktop laser machine is the first step in enabling this to happen. With the collaborations and enquiries coming thick and fast we have the potential to create around 3-5 full time jobs within a year, with our manufacturing capacity increased this could double in year two. It is a very exciting prospect and one that I hope you'll decide to support.

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Promise £5.00 + Hee Haw

A little can go a long way at Bonnie Bling gies a fiver and we'll give you 10% discount code for use at

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Promise £10.00 + Wee Wan

A little can go a long way at Bonnie Bling gies a tenner and we'll give you a 10% discount code for use at A menshie on our website. A special limited edition Bonnie Bling supporters pin badge.

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Promise £20.00 + Och Aye

Och Aye Tshirt in pink or blue featuring our trademark OCH AYE print, with the donor badge.

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Choose between a necklace or badge and we'll send you a surprise Bonnie Bling item via your postie. Wee menshie on our website. A special limited edition Bonnie Bling supporters pin badge.

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Promise £40.00 + Och Aye The Noo

A set of his n hers (pink and blue) featuring our trademark OCH AYE print, with the donor badge

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We will send you a goody bag with some of our favourite Bonnie Bling items inside. Website menshy. A special limited edition Bonnie Bling supporters pin badge.

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Promise £150.00 + Mr. Moolah Bags

One custom designed word necklace or badge. Your choice of one piece of Bonnie Bling from our existing necklace and badge range. Invites to our upcoming events. Thank you menshy on our website and directly from our Twitter feed. 15% discount card for use throughout 2012. A special limited edition Bonnie Bling supporters pin badge.

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Promise £500.00 + The Big Yin

Custom set of Bonnie Bling designed uniquely for you: 1 x necklace or badge, 1 pair of earrings or cufflinks, 1 set of custom knuckleduster rings. 20% discount for life at A special Bonnie Bling limited edition supporters pin badge. One 'Och Aye' Tshirt in size of your choice. Listed as one of our Big Yin supporters on our website and in our next lookbook. Invitations to our fashion shows and preview events. Thanked directly from our Twitter profile.

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