Arran Folk Festival 2013

by Jon Hollingworth

Popular annual event bringing international musicians (and increased tourism) to the beautiful Isle of Arran.

Music isle of arran, United Kingdom
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The Arran Folk Festival was started back in 1989 by a group of local folk music enthusiasts. Over the following 14 years it grew in both size and standing, becoming one of the best regarded folk festivals in Britain. But in 2004 due to increased costs and diminishing returns, the last of the original committee decided to take a well earned break and the festival was put into hibernation.

The festival reappeared in 2009 and 2010 with some success before the threat of disbandment again reared its head due to continuing financial uncertainty. In February 2011 a new group was formed - Arran Events Community Interest Company – to promote events and concerts on the island. All profits from Arran Events are channelled back into the local community and so this is the ideal group to ensure the continuance of this annual festival, which brings a lot of visitors to the island outwith the normal busy tourist season thereby benefitting the island community as a whole.

The Festival attracts a wide range of people from visiting musicians who want to take part in the open sessions all weekend (free admission), to folk who just want to experience ... folk!

Demand has been proven and each year there is a fantastic atmosphere at both the sessions and concerts, but the increasing costs of getting to the island and accommodation once here are once again proving a hurdle to keeping this event going – hence the additional help required.  

So why do we do it? 

Because it is one of those weekends that is just worth every bit of hard work and hassle - a year's worth for the main organisers. Although run by Arran Events, none of the directors take a penny out of the funds, it is completely volunteer run, from selling tickets before the event to manning the event and looking after everyone during the Festival itself.

You come in to it because unfortunately Arran Events receives no external funding at all and ticket sales alone will not be enough to cover the costs, so the organisers will be left to meet the shortfall.

The festival will happen – we believe in it too much to let it fail - it's on the 6th to the 9th of Junel, and tickets are selling which shows thet support we have.

So, if you're coming this year or hoping to come to the next one, help us make this year's festival as brilliant as it should be without putting the organisers at personal financial risk and to make sure it can happen again and again - hopefully on a self-sustaining basis to avoiud bothering you again!

Thank you for your support.

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