Anna's Book of Boredom

by Anna Veitch

Being bored sucks. My product will solve that problem, but I need £100 to help get me started!

Publishing Glasgow, United Kingdom
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Hello, my name is Anna and I am 14.

I sent my idea forward for the Bad Idea enterprise because I felt that my idea could become a reality!

My idea for this product came from being bored one day. So I decided to come up with a book that solved this problem. The book will contain lots of low cost, eco-friendly things to make that will help save the planet and are really fun and creative!

I feel that it is important that children know that to have fun and get creative, you don't have to go out and spend lots of money. There are tons of items just lying around that can be used to make musical instruments, fancy dress costumes, plant pots, ornaments, gardening tools and so much more!

The money I raise from this would go towards market research to further develop my idea. Also I would like to raise enough money in the future to actually publish my book.

Thank you and remember to choose a reward for making your promise to my project!

"Bad Idea is a revolutionary enterprise development programme for young people in Scotland. Designed to help Secondary School pupils turn their ideas into a reality, we use a range of unique tools and techniques that enables anyone to create a business for their product or service.

Our intensive course lasts just four days and after only a few hours on the very first day all the pupils developed individual Business Models based on their original creative ideas. Without any time to practice we then surprised them with a camera crew and asked them to ‘pitch’ their idea, which is the video included on this page. We are delighted with the ability of our budding young entrepreneurs to articulate their enterprises in such a short period of time!

We now ask YOU to support their campaign and make their dreams come true!

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Thank you."