by Duncan Lockerbie

Help fund start-up costs for a publisher of beautiful books, specialising in the Scots Language.

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Thanks for taking the time to view my wee project!

I’m asking you to help fund the start-up of a new publishing company called Tapsalteerie. All we need is the initial capital to fund publication of the first pamphlet – after that Tapsalteerie will be self-financing, building on the success of each previous publication to produce the next book.


The mission is to publish beautiful books written in all dialects of Scots, with an initial focus on Doric poetry. We want to show the expressive range that Scots is capable of and propel the language on to new forms.

Authors looking to publish their poetry, fiction or any other type of Scots writing find it very difficult, with most publishers avoiding the language due to a perceived lack of readership. Needless to say we disagree with this approach.

The eventual aim is to support quality Scottish writers no matter what language they express themselves in, starting with poetry pamphlets in Scots, then English, and finally building up to full length poetry compilations and fiction across all three languages of Scotland – Scots, English and Gaelic.

Our first publication will be...

“The Quait Cheil”, written in Banffshire Doric by Bill Thom. It’s a narrative poem about twa aul cheils heading home after a night in the pub - a great way to start reading and enjoying Doric poetry. Bill is a Banff native well known for both playing and teaching the bagpipe, and he’s been writing since he was wee, but this is his first ever publication.

Our artists

Tapsalteerie also aim to work with emerging Scottish artists and illustrators, particularly those just out of art school, helping them gain recognition and start making a living from their work.

For our first publication we’re working with Scott Simpson, a graduate of Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, and a truly talented artist. You can see his website here: http://www.scottssimpson.com/

What will my money go on?

*  Printing of the first pamphlet (300 copies)

*  Small payment to artist and poet (creatives need to eat too!)

We’ve asked for the absolute bare minimum just now, but we would be delighted to raise more than the funding target. This would allow us to print more than 300 copies of the pamphlet, buy ISBN numbers for future publications, and put some money towards the printing of our next pamphlet. For the first few years Tapsalteerie will not keep any profit – everything will be put back into producing more poetry! 

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Promised of our £600 target


Days left

This project will close on Monday May 20th, 23:00
Promise £5.00 + Cheers min

A special thanks on our Twitter and Facebook feeds, as well as a permanent spot on our website thanks section.

120 rewards, 120 remaining
Promise £10.00 + Aye, yer nae bad...

Pre-publication copy of our first pamphlet, as well as a thanks on Twitter, Facebook and the website.

59 rewards, 56 remaining
Promise £15.00 + That's mair like it...

Signed copy of the pamphlet, by author and artist, as well as a special thanks on the website, Twitter & Facebook.

39 rewards, 37 remaining
Promise £25.00 + Yer some chiel

A personal mention printed in the acknowledgements section of the first pamphlet, as well as on Twitter, Facebook and the website. You'll also get a copy of the pamphlet signed by artist and poet.

22 rewards, 18 remaining
Promise £50.00 + Michty me!

A special subscription to Tapsalteerie. Receive one copy of each of our publications for the next two years as well as the above 'Yer some chiel' reward.

11 rewards, 9 remaining
Promise £100.00 + Help ma boab!

Bill will play a tune on his bagpipe especially for you, either in person, if you live not too far away, or over Skype. Plus a signed copy of the pamphlet, a 2 year subscription as above and personal mentions in the printed pamphlet and online.

2 rewards, 2 remaining
Promise £200.00 + Jings! Crivvens!

The very top prize, an original copy of one illustration made for the pamphlet by Scott Simpson. Plus a signed copy of the pamphlet, a 2 year subscription as above and personal mentions in the printed pamphlet & online.

0 rewards, -1 remaining
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