2/3 Below: how to behave in a crisis?

by Mabel Aitken

Help bring our unique performance to the Fringe Festival.

Performance London, United Kingdom
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How should we behave in a crisis? An intimate, hilarious, unsettling performance.

We won't spit.

We won't vomit or cut ourselves.
We won't be naked.

We know where Mabel's kids are.

Stay calm and carry on.

We are a group of female artists from all over Europe (Scotland, Slovakia, Greece, Germany and Finland). We met while studying our MAs at Goldsmiths University. We are dedicated to researching and challenging the conventional forms of performance to find surprising, and thought-provoking ways of communicating with our audiences. We want to use performance to engage in debate but also to entertain and remain accessible to everyone.

Two Thirds Below was our final piece for our MA at Goldsmiths and is our response to the global financial crisis. In our development of the piece, after acting out various hysterical scenarios, we came to the realisation that despite being in crisis ourselves, we were not pulling our hair out or gnashing our teeth but were laughing a lot while drinking copious amounts of tea! After discovering George Orwells essay “The Perfect Cup of Tea” in which he states that “Tea is the Mainstay of Civilisation”, we decided our piece would be more truthful if a veneer of social acceptability was constructed and we tried to keep all the desperate feelings and tensions tightly contained. Of course this leads to a highly pressurised and combustible situation.

Our piece received a Distinction and was chosen for a special showcase at Goldsmiths. Many people suggested the piece should have a life after University and we became interested in developing the work and bringing it to a wider audience.

With your help we intend to take our work to the International Edinburgh Fringe festival and use this as a platform to show it to The British Council and the Arts Council to secure future funding and touring possibilities.

Your sponsorship will help us pay for our venue hire, technical support, publicity and promotional material.

Also, our show includes a live goat. Perry the goat was the star of our show last time. Our Edinburgh goat Toby is ready to go but it is expensive to include him as we need to cover transport costs and an animal performance license.

Two Thirds Below is an elegant, gently subversive, intimate and often hilarious piece, and we think it will do very well at the festival.

So please help us. We don't want a goatless Two Thirds Below!

We are appearing at Gryphon Venues, Bread Street.

13 August- 17th August 3.30pm

"5 women and a live goat perform to perfection"

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