Why should I make a promise?

Posted: Mon, 29 April 2013 by Cara

Our blog already has lots of advice for project owners, so we decided to write one especially for potential backers. We know there’s high interest in our projects, with hundreds and, in many cases, thousands of views per project, but sometimes this doesn’t translate into promises. We want to highlight the key reasons why you should click that button and make a promise.

1) Rewards

We work hard with our project owners to bring you cool exclusive rewards, at a range of levels to suit your budget. These often involve unique products, special discounts and personal touches which you can only get through the crowdfunding campaigns. What if you’re thinking of promising £40 but don’t fancy the £40 reward? No problem, simply pick and choose rewards as long as they make up the right total e.g. why not grab two £20 rewards or a £25 and a £15 reward?

2) Making a Difference

It’s easy to forget how important your promise actually is – trust us, that project owner will constantly be checking progress and is sincerely grateful for every penny promised. Even if they don’t hit target, your promise lets them know that they have support and will help build their confidence. It sounds cheesy, but you really can be a part of making dreams come true. Take Polly from Cake Cetera for instance - just £1300 stood between her and a national business deal and thanks to her Bloom backers, she can now deliver her beautiful cupcake bouquets to 18000 florists nationwide instead of just in Glasgow.

3) Interaction

The great thing about making a promise to a project, or even just supporting it by sharing it with your networks, is that you get a unique opportunity to engage with the person/business/cause that you care about. You can give feedback, ask questions, and be much more involved with how your money will be used. You never know, that contact might even be useful in future for a job opportunity or as a potential partner!

4) Promise Now, Pay Later

Yep, that’s right, when you make a promise the money doesn’t leave your account there and then. Your promise will only come out of your account if and when the project is successful. That means you can make a promise for a project closing after pay day, and not have to worry about the money coming out straight away. You’ll also receive an email from us when your chosen project is successful, to let you know the good news and remind you that your promise will be taken.

5) Crowdfunding is Cool

Let’s admit it, it’s pretty cool to be able to brag to your friends and say that you helped grow a business, or saved suffering animals or helped fund a student project. It’s even cooler when you see where that project is months or years down the line, and you know that you helped make it happen. Quite often in fact, our backers don’t even take a reward – they simply help for the sake of being kind and giving someone a break.

So hopefully we’ve convinced you all to start making promises? Fantastic! We look forward to seeing who the crowd will back next.