How do I start my crowdfunding project?

Posted: Thu, 24 January 2013 by Cara

Bloom intern Cara Pleym gets you started ...

All you need to get started is your great idea for a business, social, or community project, and a computer. You can then register your project on our site using this link:

You will need to register an account and fill in basic profile details, including your PayPal email. It’s crucial that you have a PayPal account as we use it to process payments, so make sure you register with PayPal if you haven’t done so already. It’s free, and is quick and simple to setup, just follow this link and click sign up:

Before you start working on your project, please think about possible factors which could delay launch and remedy them if possible e.g. do you need to buy premises first, or acquire planning permission? We’re more than happy to delay launch until you’re ready, but it’s useful to know the timeline before getting started.

Next, you will be introduced to your project dashboard, which allows you to add information, edit your project, and add videos and images. The key areas of your project which you need to start filling in are;

  • Target – how much money do you need to raise? Remember to think about the 5% Bloom commission, PayPal charges and costs associated with rewards
  • Short description – this should be around 100 characters, and summarise your dream/goal
  • Long description – this is where you pitch yourself and your idea and explain why you need funding
  • Rewards – you need to decide what you can offer as rewards, in return for promises made. Ideally there should be 5-7 levels ranging from very low (£5-10) to high (which could be £100 or £1000 or more depending on your target)
  • Media – you should add pictures and video to illustrate your story and enrich your pitch


We recommend you include as much information as possible, then when you’re ready to receive feedback from a Bloom team member, simply click ‘Submit’ at the bottom of your project dashboard.

You will be partnered with a team member who will work closely with you to refine your project and guide you through project launch right up to your project closing. Of course, if you have questions or problems at any stage, get in touch! Use this contact link: or if you have already been allocated a Bloom team member, get in touch directly via email, phone or Skype.

We hope you have a good idea of what’s involved in getting started, and encourage you to register your ideas – we haven’t found anything yet which can’t be crowdfunded!

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