Pimp your crowdfunding project

Posted: Tue, 06 August 2013 by

Pimp your Project! Adding in Video and Pictures!

by Jamie Moore

Here at Bloom we know that adding media such as pictures and video can really make your project stand out. Adding in a picture or video to your project is a great way to highlight your project in a way that words may not be able to do justice. Your project is your passion and filming a short video can be a great way to show that passion off. It can also be used to add in information that may not have been suitable for your written pitch, such as your history with your project or technical information. In order to help you choose what kind of media you should upload we have come up with some dos and don'ts.

DO make it Informative: If your project has some technical aspect to it or some quirk that makes it unique you can use media to accurately show off what it is your project does or will do. For example, if your project is new software you can use video and pictures to show how it works. Uploading media also makes it easy to highlight innovation in your project as you can use it to show how what you are doing is new and fresh .

Do give potential backers a taster: Media allows you to give potential backers a taster of what your project is all about. You can use it to highlight an amazing reward or to give a show of what your project is about. If you’ve got a film project why not put up a trailer or film a production meeting. If your project is to help expand your product show, off your pre-existing product and ask satisfied previous customers to send you pictures of your product or service in action!

Do avoid stock photos and images: Your project is unique and the media you upload should reflect that! Its also important not to steal photos from other websites and try and pass them of as your own! The crowd will find out and they won't be happy!

Do keep it relevant: Make sure that all the media you upload is connected to your project. While it's good to show a picture of yourself make sure it's a nice one! Avoid the temptation to add in filler pictures if you don’t have anything to upload, if you are struggling drop the Bloom team an email or #askbloom on twitter for help!

Don’t put backers off: While not everyone can be an expert photographer or the next Steve Spielberg it is important that you try and present your project in the best light possible. If you're filming a video talking about your project make sure you speak in a clear voice, if somebody walks in mid-shoot then start over again and above all rehearse your pitch! The more confident and knowledgeable you sound the better. When taking pictures ensure there is good light, they are in focus and are relevant to your project.

Don't mislead backers: If you are using media to show off your rewards make sure that you don’t include anything that backers won't be getting. An example of this would be if your project was creating handbags and you put in pictures of handbags that you either didn’t make or that weren’t included in your rewards structure. Doing so would give backers a false impression and lead to disappointment in the long term. Don’t forget that backers are your first customers and first impressions count!

Don’t worry about the right equipment: You don’t need a fancy camera or camcorder to film or shoot your media. A standard digital camera or smart-phone will do! 


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