The Journey of Weathered Cyclist

Posted: Tue, 03 September 2013 by Ali

by Ali Campbell, founder of Weathered Cyclist

Weathered Cyclist is extremely dear to me. It is a very personal project. I know first hand the benefits of being able to get out and ride my bike. Obviously it's a physical thing. Equally important but more often forgotten, is that it is a mental thing. The simple act of riding a bike is therapeutic in so many ways.

I wanted to get Weathered Cyclist off the ground as a means to fund projects that help remove the barriers that make it more difficult for many people to enjoy the freedom that cycling offers.

Weathered Cyclist is a tartan. A tartan that I hope will be adopted as the cycling tartan. It is important that everything we create, where possible, comes from Scotland so when I received an invitation to an awareness event about Bloom VC, I signed up right away.

I had been looking into crowdfunding options to raise the capital to get the first run of tartan made. There are loads of options out there, each with their own quirks and intricacies. Bloom's presentation was really exciting. I could tell straight away that the people that were talking really believed in what they were saying; that they were passionate about crowdfunding and that they believed that Bloom is the best option available.

As expected, most of my promises have been from Scotland, but there have been promises from as far afield as the States, Canada and Tasmania, so it is extremely important that people can make promises from anywhere in the world.

I also knew that Bloom would work hard to make my project work. Almost every Tweet has been retweeted, Facebook posts have been shared, commented upon and liked... bear in mind that I have never told anyone from Bloom my Twitter or Facebook details! They have looked at my project page and been proactive at getting my details, following or liking and then doing something about it.

The crowdfunding thing is very exciting. You have to be prepared to put a shift in. Don't expect to build your project and it will just happen. It won't. Fortunately Bloom are on hand to help you with any concerns; to review your project to make it as effective as possible and to offer you any advice you feel you need along the way. However, the work comes down to you. Tell everyone you know about it. Tweet or post or update or whatever you need to do online to make it work. Don't worry about bombarding your friends... they will see that your project is important to you and they will forgive you for your passion. Trust me.

With only a few days left, the project is 100% funded, so my persistence has paid off - but I want to use those days to keep fund raising to help my charity become as sustainable and self-sufficient as possible.

I will be working my tartan socks off to make this project as big as it can be and I know that Bloom will be right there with me.