That's a Wrap

Posted: Mon, 08 October 2012 by Michelle

We're thrilled to be able to tell you that Mark Wright's Dark Form Productions has wrapped the movie and he is ready to enter Innocent Violation into film festivals across the world.

When Mark launched his project he needed £590. Having successfully crowdfunded 17% above his target, Mark, his film crew and the actors were able to complete their work. If you backed him, you'll have had regular updates on filming and will be receiving your copy of the film soon. For everyone else, here's Mark's success story.

"Well, it’s finally finished.  Innocent Violation, the film we at Dark Form Productions have been working on for seven months, is now complete.  I directed and produced it from a script by Craig McEwan, who also stars in the lead role.  The actors were wonderful and were dedicated, enthusiastic and patient, as were the people in the background such as Barry Gunning, Director of Photography par excellence and a mine of information on filming. 

Barry also helped edit the film with me and I am indebted to him for all the time, effort and expertise he gave.  Richard Lundy deserves a mention as does Lisa Gray, as without their help, the actual filming would have taken much longer and posed more difficulty.  Simon Forrester as the runner, a role that is often overlooked in filming, was also invaluable. 

I was particularly impressed by Paul Maclaren of The Lost Highway who writes and performs the music for all our productions.  His ability to match the atmosphere of a scene to appropriate music has been instrumental in creating the right ambience for our film.

We had a punishing schedule and at times, due to time constraints and the fact that the shoot location changed a week before the shoot, it seemed a moot point whether the finished product would ever come to fruition.  With such a fabulous cast and crew however, we managed to see the project through from inception to completion. 

Of course, as with any project there were ups and downs, but the former outweighed the latter heavily and I can honestly say that not only is this what I want to be doing for the rest of my life, but also to work with such a great bunch of people was both a pleasure and a privilege.

None of the above would be possible of course without the help of Bloom VC.  The many donations Dark Form Productions received from a wide variety of people was amazing and we are very humbled to have been the recipients of such generosity from our backers. 

Thank you again for  helping us to make a little celluloid magic.  We hope you enjoy the film and tune in for our next venture."