Softly softly catchy monkey

Posted: Sun, 30 October 2011 by Michelle

Well, the soft launch has happened, our first projects are profiled on the platform, and we're spending our time smoothing out the little glitches.

At the moment, you can watch our project videos and choose the rewards you want, hopefully later this week you should also be able to make a promise.

And you can upload your projects too. They won't go live until Global Entrepreneurship Week - our formal launch - but you can perfect your pitch, make a stonking great video, create some really exciting rewards and preview how it will look on Bloom.

What we'd like to do now is to thank everyone who has helped us get this far - we are by no means all the way there yet, plenty more hard work still to come, but we're grateful for all the support.

Stick with us, Bloom is going on an incredibly journey and we want you by our side all the way.