Not such a BAD IDEA after all!

Posted: Sun, 21 April 2013 by Natalie

Buzzing with excitement, Bloom intern Natalie Morrison spills the gossip about the Bad Idea Awards Final

Saturday was the final of the Bad Idea competition and what a night it was! We got a chance to catch up with the students that took part and hear what their families thought about their business ideas; it was clear everyone knew the Bad Idea competition was a great opportunity for young people to try a revolutionary new way of thinking and take the first steps on their entrepreneurial journey.

Judges Michelle Rodger (Bloom), Nick Cohen (PCR) and Diane McWade had the difficult task of choosing a winner after listening to inspiring pitches from the five finalists; James- Building better care homes, Haydn- Fezzie Boots, Amy - Duo water bottle, Holly - Safety Buggy and Fraser - Chanking Coolers. The enthusiastic young business minds took centre stage and really wowed the judges with their product diagrams, extensive market research and even sales planning. I’m glad I wasn’t a judge!

While the judges left to try to somehow choose a winner, fellow Bloom intern Cara and I rushed down to chat to the finalists; there was a real mix of excitement, relief after the pitches and the worry about when the judges would be coming back! It was all getting a bit much, and that was just me and Cara - I think we were as nervous as everyone else.

Finally the judges returned to deliver their results, drum roll please… 3rd place went to James with Building better care homes, 2nd place was awarded to Holly with her Duo water bottle and 1st place went to Haydn with Fezzie Boots.

Congratulations to all the finalists and well done to everyone who took the opportunity to apply for the Bad Idea Competition. We know all the students will have learned a lot from the workshops, not least of all that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. And it doesn’t stop there Bad Idea’s Anthony Gerrard announced that there will be aftercare for anyone who wants to continue with their idea or wants to know what to do next.

It was a truly exceptional experience for all who got the chance to be involved such young minds with such great talent, we know they are all ones to watch out for in the future.

You can see all the young entrepreneurs and their crowdfunding campaigns here