NEW Sharing Function for Promises

Posted: Thu, 06 June 2013 by Cara

If you make a promise to a project, chances are that you want to tell everyone about it and publicly show your support for that project (plus brag a little about your cool reward!). Well, we have now made that even easier for you with a brand new tool to share the fact you’ve made a promise, directly from the Bloom site. We have outlined the process of making a promise below, and used screenshots to show you how you can use this fab new feature.

1. Make a promise and choose your reward

Just enter the amount that you want to promise, and use the arrows to select the reward that you want. Remember you can choose several rewards, as long as the total equals your promise value, so for example, you can choose a £15 reward and a £20 reward if you are promising £35.

2. Approve the PayPal pre-authorisation

You will be asked to log in to your Bloom account if you're not already logged in, and then you need to put in your PayPal password. Next you will see the screen below.

This is the review of your promise details where you can check that everything is OK before you approve your promise.

 3. Brag about your promise

That's all you need to do to make a promise, and you should now see a message confirming that your promise was successful, like the screenshot below.

Now, just click the 'share this project' to use the Facebook sharing function.

The following screen should appear.

Just add your comment, press share and you're done!  This means you can show all your friends that you have made a promise, plus it's a fantastic way to help spread the word about the project(s) you care about.

We hope you all like this new function - it's another great incentive to make a promise so why not browse our projects and see if there is something you like?