Nation of Entrepreneurs

Posted: Wed, 02 October 2013 by

Amanda Boyle, founder and CEO of, believes crowdfunding is the only viable option for creating a nation of entrepreneurs:

Crowdfunding confronts the problems faced by those struggling entrepreneurs up and down the country fizzing with potential and ideas. Energy rates are not a priority for someone juggling jobs whilst trying to raise the money to buy a piece of kit for their company, or the mother unsure whether anyone would want to buy the unique products she painstakingly makes. By placing an idea into the realm of the crowd, it is financial support, business advice and the inspiration of a passionate community that people will receive. And that is exactly what is required to turn someone into an entrepreneur.

As party conference season draws to a close, we’ve heard the usual rhetoric about helping businesses. Headline grabbing policies are thrown around in the run up to elections, then watered down for implementation.

What is abundantly clear is how urgently we need to change the conception of business. Tax cuts, business rates and energy prices are of real benefit to large. 95% of businesses in the UK are SMEs, yet time and time again politicians pander to the dominant 5% in their policies. If the economy has any hope of recovery, we must change this attitude and understand what needs to be done to help the growth of sustainable new business.

Fortunately, crowdfunding is an approach that doesn’t rely on political parties or financial institutions. The beauty of real crowdfunding is that anyone who commits to their business concept will be rewarded depending on nothing more than the strength of their vision.

The tools are here on for anyone to pitch their business idea online. The journey from conception through to funding is a very real possibility with a strong idea and an understanding of how crowdfunding operates. The majority of people don’t know how to write up a business plan, but they can tell you about their ideas. Crowdfunding encourages people to spend their time turning their idea into a reality rather than remaining daunted by pages of bank documentation. With crowdfunding opening up new avenues to the realisation of successful ventures for all, for the first time it is truly possible to create a nation of entrepreneurs.