My Project is Live - What Next?

Posted: Tue, 15 January 2013 by Cara

Tips from Bloom intern Cara Pleym on how to maximise your chances of crowdfunding success

So you’ve worked hard with the Bloom team to create a great pitch and your project is live on the site. Now you can just relax, right? I’m afraid not, your project launch marks the beginning of the real hard work – you have to promote your project, engage with your community, get people to promise money and keep interest up over your project lifetime. Don’t panic – we’ve outlined the key things you need to do to make your project a success!

1. Commit enough time to your project

This is absolutely crucial to the success of your project and you need to commit time every day to work on your project – whether that’s spending time on social media, asking your contacts to support you, or getting out there and telling everyone about your project in person. We recommend about 30 minutes a day (more if you can manage it) to keep your community engaged.

2. Tell people what you are doing

Regular updates of your project progress is really important so remember to tell people how hard you’re working, even if it’s not paying off! Did you phone everyone in your contacts to ask for a promise? Did you go to a networking event and promote your project? Well tell us all about it, you could use Twitter, Facebook, a blog, or even a fortnightly newsletter to your backers and interested parties.

3. Ask for the money

It’s all well and good asking for support but at the end of the day you need promises to reach your target and get the cash you need. Don’t be afraid to ask for the money, it shows determination and ambition, and most people will give it to you! Always keep your end goal in mind.

4. Keep motivated

Projects typically have high interest at launch which steadily drops away during the middle of your campaign, don't worry and don’t give up! Remember this is normal and redouble your efforts to get people interested and excited – if they know how much it means to you, they are more likely to make that promise.

5. Keep your eyes on the prize!

All this is hard work, and we’re open about that from the start. You might be surprised by the level of effort and commitment your project will take, which is why you need to focus on what you can achieve by the end of it. Not just the funding you need, but raising awareness, building an engaged community, proving your concept and perhaps even pre-selling your product. Just look at some of our amazing success stories, and how far they have come – that could be you!