My Crowdfunding Experience

Posted: Wed, 24 April 2013 by Larain

Starting this project has helped me to focus on something that is positive and gives me a sense of achievement, belonging and usefulness. When I started looking for funding for my art exhibition, I hadn't realised how difficult it would be to raise funds for something that I feel would greatly benefit the community. I was coming to the end of my tether trying to find enough funding, when my partner found the Bloom crowdfunding site for me. Crowdfunding is such a wonderful idea.  To donate a small amount is manageable for most people and to be able to choose rewards which suit your own budget and interest is fantastic. It seems to me that crowdfunding also has a lot to offer to help with the economy in these difficult times.  I wasn't sure if I would be able to achieve my goals, but with such great ideas and support I find it possible to reach far beyond what my expectations had become.

I have been working so hard and am happy to donate as much of my time as possible and I so hope this will prove to be a success.  None of this has been about making money for myself at all, but it is necessary to find a way of finding enough to pay for the essentials such as boards, and leaflets etc. I found that Cara at Bloom has been there to help me at each step and has been so supportive.  At times I feel disheartened that I won't reach my target, but I’m determined to make this a success and I’m hopeful that I’ll raise the full amount.

I want to contribute in some way to society and so I'm trying to use the knowledge and skills that I have gained through my life and hope this will inspire others to do the same.  Art is essential for society - without it life would be drab and unbearable, but it does need to be shared to really have some meaning.  That is not so easy to do without some funding.  For an artist to exhibit, they have to pay, but in order to generate any income, they need to exhibit. I want to address this problem, as well as help young people through art.  The education system doesn't cater for all young people.  Having been a teacher for some years I especially feel it's important to address the needs of young people particularly those who are or were struggling at school.  The consequences of not doing this are very serious indeed and I believe society is already having issues because of the failings of the current education system.  I don't know all the answers but if I can help just one young person improve their prospects and turn their life around, then it's all worth it.  

Before I can achieve this I need to raise some money which I hope to do through this exhibition.  I am very committed to it and I want to help artists, young people and in the future raise awareness for people with mental health issues. Helping me fund my art exhibition will improve the opportunities available for talented artists, and hopefully allow them to make some money from their passion. Beyond that, I want to continue with my aim of improving society in my own small way, through teaching young people art.

I hope that you will join me on my journey, a Cinematic Celebration through Art.

Thank you.